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This is one of the best non-sleight of hand effects that I have seen for some time. The method of secretly obtaining a duplicate of any card named is priceless and could be applied to many other effects. The chief problem is to justify the presence of the odd joker, which seemingly plays no part in the trick. This is a hurdle that will need to be got over by presentation alone. If anybody asks about the

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From The Bob Read Collection. Number three in a second series.

Dear Walt Lees,

I know you read this column first because you said so in the last issue. You went to great lengths in your last writings to explain to our readers what I meant when I said that in The Magic Circle Close-up Competition half the competitors shouldn't have been there. In future I would appreciate it if you would refrain from translating my meanings into yours. If they can't understand what I am saying then they shouldn't be reading this magazine, or, to put it another way, if they don't know what I am talking about, tough luck.

Yours etc.,

In the last issue I mentioned a tip for close-up performers working dinner tables with lots of stuff like bottles etc. littering up the working surface. I am of course referring to the use of a small board placed across two or more upturned glasses.

You could take it a step further and that is for those performers who use some kind of close-up case,. Provided it isn't too large or heavy you could place the case on four upturned glasses and work out of, and on top of, the case itself. This would effectively raise your surface still more, depending on the thickness of your case.

I haven't actually done this myself but it would work. The reason I have never done this is that I have an aversion to close-up cases. To me it smacks of "Let's see what other little tricks I have in my box". Don't think I am knocking the use of close-up cases. Albert Goshman is the most successful close-up magician I know and he uses one. It just isn't my style. I prefer if possible to work out of my pockets or with available objects, and if the effect is important enough to me I make sure the objects are available.

My reason for bringing up the subject is that I have had several letters complimenting me 998

on my idea on the boards across two glasses, -and for those of you who did write , don't expect a reply, but thank you anyway for your kind comments.

By the time you read this the annual Blackpool Convention will be another pleasant memory. I say pleasant because I can't think of one that hasn't been. It is the largest convention in Britain apart from the I.B.M. shindig and even there one could argue about the attendance figures. The main difference is of course is that Blackpool is a one day event if you exclude the night before party and the all night sessions which follow,,whereas the I.B.M. thing lasts about a week these days.

Blackpool will be a little different for me this time however. As always I will be attending in my my role as a dealer (you do know I sell my routines on sound cassettes and video tapes don't you?) but this time I shall, in addition to taking your money, entertain you, I hope. For those of you who can't attend , I'll tell you how next time round, that is if you really care . (And if you don't care then tough luck to you too).

They seem to have come up with an off-beat situation in Blackpool. For reasons we needn't go into they have had to change their venue for the evening show. They are now using the Blackpool Winter Gardens Theatre Complex. This a very large theatre which holds, I would imagine, upwards of two thousand.. This is far too large for the magic crowd which is probably closer to one thousand registrants. So last year they booked Ken Dodd who for the benefit of our foreign readers is a 'star name' in the U.K. who can almost guarantee sellout business wherever he performs.

What appears to have happened was that by billing Ken Dodd the Blackpool crowd managed to fill this vast theatre with a sixty percent non magical audience, which made them a better audience for the magic acts and enabled them to pay the cost of hiring the theatre, which obviosly much more expensive than there prevous venue was.

It could be advantageous to other similar organisations to look into the situation. By booking a name act and filling the theatre they made the public subsidise a major portion of their costs. It's a good idea if someone is prepared to take a slight gamble. All you have to do is find a name act that can pull them in like Ken Dodd There aren't many Ken Dodds around but I am sure it could be done in other parts of the country.

Goodbye, Patrick Page

We are proud to present to the magical fraterinty

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Fundamentals of Magick

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