By now the cat is out of the bag. Most of you will know that Fred has relinquished the editorial chair and yours truly is at the helm. The last issue, which was a tribute to Fred Robinson, was planned long before he announced his retirement as editor. We were going to bring it out secretly and surprise him. Instead he surprised us.

This issue is also a tribute to F.R. It seems that while Eric Mason was collecting material in this country, that globe trotting funny man, Bob Read, was similarly occupied in America. (Bob crosses the Atlantic so often these days that if he is not careful he will begin to look like David Frost). So this issue is a U.S. tribute to Fred, and we are grateful to Bob and his friends for the excellent material submitted.

So, without any more ado, I am going to hand over the editor's desk to Rick Johnsson. Rick, of course, is well known to I.B.M. members for his monthly column in the 'Linking Ring'.

Over to you, Rick

"The British are coming!!! The British are coming!!!" cried my child bride. Timing not withstanding, the expression was totally ludicrous, echoing, as it was, down the halls of that old hotel on Russell Square. Looking back on the event, it seems fitting that that was the beginning of an unforgettable final evening in London.

The "British" in question, in this case, were Bob Read and Pauline who had just arrived at our hotel to whisk us off on a carefully planned evening's entertainment. In what turned out to be par for the course for our entire trip, our plans were thwarted, distorted and finally aborted but were obviously guided by some fortuitous master plan, for we wound up spending the whole evening drinking ouzo, dancing on table tops, drinking ouzo, eating souflakia, drinking ouzo, meeting fine people, drinking ouzo and seeing some great magic.

One of the great joys of that evening was having the chance to meet and spend time with Fred Robinson. Although I know different I keep telling myself that it was the suicidal intake of ouzo that allowed Fred to fool me so badly so many times. In a fit of pique, I

threatened Fred. I swore that if he fooled me again I would force some of my material on him and make him publish it. Throwing caution to the wind, Fred countered with some miracle with a deck of cards that vanished from beneath his foot. I didn't get mad, but I swore to get even.

That was better than two years ago and following my family motto of never doing today what can be put off until tomorrow, I have successfully lulled Fred into a false sense of security.

When Bob Read called me to let me know about this special issue honouring Fred, I KNEW that the time had finally come. All I can say is that Fred brought it on himself!


g We have received several excellent contributions in foreign languages. This causes some concern at Pabular, where we have only just learnt to talk English proper.

We would like, indeed are desperate, to hear from anybody, who would be prepared to do a little bit of translating for us. At the moment we need people, who can translate any of the following languages into reasonable English: German, Spanish and Itallian.

We do not ask you to produce a beautifully finished translation, all ready for printing (it would be nice if you could, and very helpful) — all we want is a run-down of what the articles say. This can either be written or put on cassette.

We would be pleased to hear from anybody, who would be prepared to do this kind of work from time to time. Please contact Walt Lees at the address shown on the back of the mag.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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