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Fred Robinson

Fred Robinson

Congratulations to Robert List for his successes at the Dutch Convention in winning the first prize for card magic — the Henk Vermeydenprijs and the Grand-Prix 1978. He wrote as follows, 'One of the tricks I did was Jazz Pieces. I read this trick in Pabular. Thank you very, very much for this great trick.' Thanks to Bob Farmer of Ontario who contributed the effect thus helping us to advance our reputation for printing workable effects.

Barrie Richardson over from Holland in the state of Michigan brought complete silence to the Blenheim Bar as he demonstrated The Magnetic Force from his issue Vol.4 No.4. Performed with authority and in a dramatic manner the impact it created was out of all proportion to the simple means employed. Lest is be thought this effect is suitable only for intimate performance, Barrie remarked later that it goes even better before a large audience. Later still, he fooled me very badly with a stripper deck and a couple of effects using a method of exchanging one card for another previously concealed in the hand which I missed completely. Excellent though the exchange is, it was only completely deceptive on account of the planned misdirection built into the presentation as a preliminary to the execution of the move itself.

The above observations are not made with objective of making the above mentioned gentleman appear to be the world's greatest magician — we both know he isn't — but to pinpoint what appears to be an important aspect of that necessary part of the magician's equipment — misdirection.

Also running loose in London recently — Jim Zachary whose book on dice is shortly to be published. He is an expert on the subject and has some novel ideas to impart.

He was accompanied by Fr. Cyprian, Hank Moorhouse and Rick Johnsson. The first mentioned showed some of his many inventions which for the record included Hofzinser's Departure, The Solid Gold Credit Card and his Moroccan Card to Wallet. The other two sported similar type black beards which made it difficult for me to remember who did what, and when — we had a couple of sessions. I know for certain that Hank did a Three Card Monte because he gave me a set — he has marketed this under the name 'Sting'. All these referred to are sound tricks and worth a purchase if the effect appeals. Rick promised a non-trick article which, judging from a recent article in the Linking Ring should be entertaining and stimulating.

Also in town Gerald Kosky, a name familiar to readers of magical literature. In addition his prolific output of ideas, he also lectures, but unfortunately it was not possible to arrange any in this country due to shortage of notice. He did explain one of old timer Maro's coin effects, eminently suited to stand up bar performance, which had somehow escaped publication. It will appear shortly.

John Fisher recently lectured to the Magic Circle Monday nighters and to my annoyance I missed it. John, a B.B.C. producer, who has been responsible for bringing more top class magicians to our T.V. screens than any other single person, has been globe trotting in search of more performers for a new programme. Their appearance in this country makes it possible for Ken Brooke to arrange for us to have the priviledge of seeing them in person by arranging for them to lecture. Over the years he has been responsible for making it possible for magicians in this country to benefit from the advice of these top liners, and to see them in action. Some have been magicians' magicians and others whose magic appealed to normal human beings, and on occasions there have been those whose offerings had universal appeal. One of the latter group, and who must be regarded as one of the best close-up performers of this era is Johnny Paul and it is thanks to Ken and John that on Saturday 1st July we shall be enjoying the fine magic of this performer — who said Santa Claus is dead?

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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