Double Repeat Turnover Ron Lashbrook

While playing around with a reversed card effect, Ron thought of a quick repeat, to use as a kicker. It can be utilised as a follow-up to any effect, where a card is discovered, face up, in a face down pack.

1) Fan the pack, face down, revealing the face up card in the centre.

2) Push upwards with the left little finger, on the back of the reversed card, forming a break, at that point.

3) Use the right hand to remove the reversed card from the pack, turn it face down and replace it. While doing so, the left little finger continues to push upwards, keeping a slight opening, at the place where the card was removed.

3) Replace the single card, in the right hand, back into the fan, at the point, where the little finger is pushing upwards. Push the card in, so that it comes in front of the left little finger as in Fig.l. (This is an exposed view, taken from below, looking directly upwards. From above, there is nothing suspicious to be seen).

4) Clip the card firmly between the left third and fourth fingers, while the right hand comes over the fan, as in Fig. 2, as though to close it. The right second finger should be on the left hand side of the fan and the thumb on the right. -^

5) As the fan closes, so the single card will be dragged from the pack by the left third and fourth fingers. As the fan is almost closed, the right second finger and thumb grip the opposite long side and lift the pack slightly. This will have the effect of rotating the single card face up and sliding it onto the bottom of the pack. Fig. 3 shows the action.

6) Square the pack, cut and complete the cut. Fan the cards once more, showing the reversed one in the centre.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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