A few people may know that a spin-off from the Space Age was a material capable of taking impressions from newsprint known to magicians as Potty Putty. A malleable adhesive known as Blu-Tack, and generally available from stationers everywhere also has this special quality.

In addition to a small lump of this material you will also require a newspaper, a double sided handbag mirror, a marker which will write on glass and a ballpoint pen. Using these properties you are able to divine a word or two haphazardly chosen from the paper.

Hand the paper to a spectator requesting that he chooses a page and removed it discarding the rest of the paper. Give him the pen and ask him to draw a large cross on one side of the sheet keeping the other side out of your view. During this time secretly get the blob of Blu-Tack in your right fingers.

You now invite him to pierce the paper with the pen where the two lines of the cross bisect each other. You demonstrate what is required by taking the paper from him and putting the tip of the left index finger on the paper at the point of intersection. In order to do this the right hand moves under the paper ostensibly to hold the paper steady but in reality to take an impression of the words in the area where the pen will penetrate the paper, by pressing the Blu-Tack up against the left forefinger.

Allow spectator to take the paper from you and move away as he follows your instructions. Reach for your mirror and press the Blu-Tack onto the side of it in such a manner that when it is in place the impression obtained will be

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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