Diverting Card Magic


Author of The Ramsay Legend and The Ramsay Classics. A Treatise on Misdirection with Cards and its use in many Practical Effects.

Ramsay, Vernon and Slydini — the greatest names in natural magic — have all stressed the vital part played in its performance by misdirection, and in particular, visual misdirection. In fact Dai Vernon has said that it is the true secret of magic.

Now, this unique work explains how to apply that powerful weapon to the most popular branch of the Art — conjuring with cards. The basic technique is clearly and concisely described so you can easily a<Japt it to your own methods to make your tricks look magical.

The book is in two sections:—

Part 1—takes five standard sleights: the Palm, Double Lift, Glide, Pass and Top Change, revealing how proper misdirection, correctly applied, can provide cover for the moves making them more deceptive and easier to execute.

The Buckle Count and False Count, among others, are also discussed in . . .

Part 2—containing twelve of the author's favourite effects, all of which are practical and well within the capabilities of the competent cardman.

They include a subtle and easy transposition which won the Magic Circle's Cecil Lyle Award in 1973; a very direct version of the Cards Through Newspaper; a Brainwave routine with an ordinary pack, and a simple method for the Cards Across in which misdirection . has a dominant role.

The lucid step-by-step instructions explain when and how to apply effective misdirection to every essential move, making each item a virtual lesson in magic. Finally, for easy reference there is a brief summary outlining the key points covered in the volume. What the experts say . . .

ROY WALTON—" Andrew Galloway has written an unusual book on card magic — it contains good tricks! Not for him, the complicated plots that audiences find difficult to follow and conjurors difficult to present. His aim has been to explain good straight forward tricks with maximum audience appeal and without undue digital skill. He has succeeded admirably." FRED ROBINSON (Pabular) — " The information regarding misdirection divulged by a recognised autfiority on the subject, makes this book of inestimable value to the serious cardworker."

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