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GQie ¿Magazine of Close-up£Magic cVol.lNQ7MAcIi,1975


Four coins pass one at a time from the left hand in a glass held in the right hand.


A glass and four coins, preferably silver, with a loose fitting shell and the ability to palm one coin.


The routine is performed standing with the table on your right. The glass and four coins, one of which is covered with a shell, are on the table.


With the right hand pick up a coin holding it by the edge between the thumb and fingers and place it on the open left hand, which is held at an angle allowing the audience to see the coin. Repeat with the second and third coin. Pick up the coin and shell as a unit and display with shell facing the audience. The shell is placed on the left hand with the three coins and during the action let the nested coin fall onto the right second, third and fourth fingers in the finger palm position. As the three coins and shell are placed on the left hand it should be kept open, with palm in view the whole time. The coin in the right hand is now classic palmed and the index extended and used to adjust the coins into an overlapping line with the shell on top (Fig one).

The left hand fingers now close over the coins and shell forming a fist, and turns back uppermost. The second coin next to the shell nests into the shell during this action. The right hand now picks up the glass with the tips of the fingers and thumb round the rim (Fig 2).

The left hand now makes a little throwing gesture towards the glass and the right hand releases its palmed coin, which falls into the glass.

The glass is now placed on the table and the left hand is opened to show only three coins.

The three coins (one covered with shell) are taken singly with the right hand and counted onto the table.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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