The shuffle reverses the order of the cards.

x Cards

The shuffle reverses the order of the cards.

x Cards

Spectator's Card x - 1 Cards

Rest of Pack


When Roger sent in the "Ice Dice" routine described above, he sent in this item, which he uses as an added kicker to that trick. However, we felt that it was sufficiently adaptable to be regarded as a separate item in its own right. Basically, it is a Brainwave Pack, adapted to fool people, who know the Brainwave. It can be used in any effect where a Brainwave might be used as a clincher, but where the spectator has in fact only a restricted choice of cards.

In the "Ice Dice" effect, he only hack a choice of eleven cards. So what you do is prepare a pack with different coloured backs by roughing the backs of twenty-two cards. The cards are then paired back to back so that their combined faces total twelve and minor suits are paired with minor suits and major with major. That means hearts and spades are always paired, as are clubs and diamonds. Thus, the nine of diamonds would be paired with the three of clubs etc.

This stack of cards is placed on the bottom of the face down pack. Eleven of the cards are face up. The pack to be used for the "Ice Dice" effect is prepared by having the duplicates of the eleven face up cards, in the second pack, on top in any order. They run from number two to number twelve (remember the spectator cannot choose number one, the dice theme precludes this).

Perform the "Skating on Ice" trick as explained, except that you cannot allow the audience to shuffle the cards at the beginning.

When the trick is concluded and the thought card revealed, lay it on the table face up with the remainder of the pack fanned face up beneath it. Explain that you knew all along which card the spectator would choose. As you say this, pick up your partial brainwave and fan it face down, keeping the bottom twenty-two cards tightly bunched. Close the fan and cut a quarter of the pack to the bottom. Turn the pack face up, spread it and look for the card that fronts the chosen one, ie if the chosen card is the four of hearts you would look for the eight of spades. Separate the key card from the face down one behind it and slide this card into view.

Lay the face up pack in a fan next to the other one and turn over the face down card just withdrawn and reveal it as a duplicate of the spectator's thought card.

As stated earlier, this modified brainwave can be seen apparently front and back. No doubt readers will find other applications of the idea. 929

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