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It is always desirable to be able to promote one's name during the course of an effect. The following is a brief bit of close-up mentalism, seemingly impromptu and off-the-cuff, which allows you to leave the spectator with a commercial "plug" for yourself. There is nothing new in technique here — it is the presentation that is of interest.

Psychini the mentalist has been approached by an interested party, who would like to see a demonstration of the former's abilities. "Fine," replies the mystic, who proceeds to take a pocket writing pad and pen from his pocket. As he writes on the pad, he explains, "What I am committing into writing has some bearing on a choice you will be making in the next few moments. It is my intention to mentally control your response to a simple question I will ask. You may take your time in answering, and you may even change your mind before finally deciding — but I assure you that this paper will give proof that your final choice was not the product of your own free will, but a specifically guided and controlled choice controlled by my will." As he concludes this statement, he finishes with his writing. Tearing the sheet from the pad, he folds the paper into a small packet, and places it on the table.

"There — I've committed myself. Now for your question. I want you to consider the numbers from one to six. Take your time, but decide on one of those numbers,Then look me straight in the eye, and state your chosen number.' The spectator thinks for a moment, and calls out "four".

The performer invites the spectator to open the paper. On it is the following:

"The Great Psychini is:

1. Remarkable 4. YOUR CHOICE

2. Unusual 5. Uncanny

3. Fascinating 6. Entertaining"

The method is simplicity in itself. In the performer's pocket is a simple five-billet index loaded with duplicate lists. Each list has been re-ordered so that the phrase "YOUR CHOICE" appears at a different number — one, two, three, five, and six. During the presentation, the performer writes the #4 list on the pad, and folds that slip to resemble the pre-written billets in the index. Should the spectator name "four", no further action is necessary. For any of the other choices, he must of course remove the proper billet from the pocket index, and do a billet-switch as the tabled paper is picked up and handed to the spectator.

Note that the action of writing out a slip as you talk to the spectator serves to suggest that only one slip could possibly be in play. The effects is not earth-shaking, but it is a nice, direct demonstration of mental control — and the spectator is left with a physical reminder of the event, which promotes your name. Additionally, if the pad of paper used had your name and address imprinted on it, the list given out as a souvenir would be even more valuable from an advertising point of view.

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Iffîe ¿Magazine of Close- up¿Magic cVol:3J^Q4 Dec: 1976

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This is a pocket trick using the upside down read-out feature of Electronic Pocket Calculators. These calculators are relatively inexpensive and many people carry them around, or use them at the office, so there should be lots of opportunities for showing the trick. The trick will work with any type of calculator with neon displays.


You will need 21 double blank cards, which can be the type supplied by your magic dealer, or just plain pieces of card which are approximately playing card size. 20 of the cards have each got a number on one side and a word on the other, and the 21st has the word 'stop' on one side and a message on the other.

Here are the numbers and words that are written on the cards. Use a thick felt pen to write on the cards. Underline the numbers as shown noting that the line starts at the first or second numbers on alternate cards. Make the lines below the nos. casual and not too neat.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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