A spectator is invited to play the part of a detective and shown a number of cards on which are written murderer's names, various weapons and motives. By following the instructions of a voice on a tape the cards reveal the name of the murderer, his motive and the weapon used, all of which is confirmed by the voice on the tape.


Twentyfive cards are required on which are printed the following:














Eternal Triangle

Heir to Fortune

Don Wilson Max Forest Dr Browne Dennis English Fay Laker John Foster Ilsa Heinz Frank Dacey Hubert Ganzia

Put the card with the word Dagger on top of the face down packet followed by Jealousy and then Frank Dacey. The remainder of the cards are well mixed but in no particular order.

A tape will need to be made, preferably using a stranger's voice.


Ask a spectator to assist and show him the cards explaining their relevance to the experiment and the role he is to play. False shuffle the cards without disturbing the order or position of the three top cards, and place them in front of the spectator requesting him to listen to the voice on the tape and follow the instructions given by it.


The year nineteen hundred was a particularly bad year, so far as crime was concerned. One case in particular with which I was personally involved created considerable publicity. It was the murder of an American arms dealer.

On being asked to investigate I gathered available information which is on the cards before you. I would like to go through the clues, suspects, motives etc once again with your assistance.

Will you please pick up the cards and deal a number of them face downwards onto the table . . . have you done that? . . . good. Put the remaining cards aside and pick up those just dealt and deal them into three separate heaps. As you are doing that I will explain that in a similar way I had to sift through the evidence, evaluate the clues, and make some inspired guesses.

When you have finished, no doubt our conclusions will coincide. You have finished dealing . . . Fine — please turn the top card of each heap face up.

My first task was to make a search for the weapon. From the injuries which caused the death of the victim it was evident that his death was caused by a sharp instrument — probably a knife. Finally I discovered a hidden dagger — no doubt you have done the same . . . you have? . . . excellent.

Having found the weapon my task became easier and by a process of elimination I became satisfied I knew the murderer but still needed to find the motive. After considering all aspects of crime from every angle and asking innumerable questions I realised that the suspect had a motive — it was jealousy. Did you arrive at the same conclusion? . . . You did — good.

Finally, after checking all the evidence it became clear beyond any possible doubt that only one person could have been responsible for committing the murder — that person was Frank Dacey. I have no doubt, whatsoever, that you reached the same conclusions . . . You did? . . . congratulations on your remarkable achievement. Now, if you'll excuse me, something urgent has developed (shouts) Righto Watson, I'm coming.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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