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This is a very difficult show to describe in that it is a very odd-ball type of production with a series of almost totally unrelated scenes broken by either a rather ineffectual M.C. type, or by a girl singer. She was a girl called Nicola Kimber who was Brachetti's co-star, and whilst she was very good I thought she was very badly served by the production in that she had to follow some unbelievable theatrical numbers.

The magical content of this show is minimal, so if you decide to go and see it don't expect to see lots of magic tricks, because there are some, but not many. This show was an attempt to bring something different to the London Theatre and it succeeds in that it is quite different to any other show that you have seen. As I have said it was a series of scenes and inbetween each one there was an attempt to involve the audience which didn't quite succeed.

Let's get back to the magic, because let's face it, that's all you are interested in. Brachetti produced a girl in a cage, and that was that. Later there was a scene from Venice in which Brachetti played the part of Casanova. It was in this guise that he performed a few small magic tricks. As usual I didn't make any notes and this is all from memory. He changed a walking stick into what seemed to be a long feathered thing. He produced one dove, vanished it, or perhaps it would be better to say changed it into a white handkerchief. He then changed the handkerchief back into the walking stick. All nicely done but not exactly sensational. In a later scene entitled 'Horror Story' which was mish-mash between Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster or whatever, Brachetti performed the sword through body on a young girl. This was very very effective, and frankly I didn't catch the switch of the sword but there was so much going on it would be difficult for anyone to spot it unless they watched Brachetti alone during the whole of the scene. Later in the show he performs his own act, a quick change act, and in the course of that there is a little more magic. The Zombie floating ball using a large eye, and there was an illusion that best be described

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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