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Weather aside it was a good Convention^^ with several interesting happenings, one of which was the fact that the dealers were housed in a marquee (tent, to you foreigners). Can you imagine it, in that weather? Two of the dealers went home without unpacking and the majority refused to appear on the Dealers' Demonstration Show as a protest. To be fair to the Convention Committee the dealers did know they were to be under canvas and it was unfortunate that the weather made it a little more unpleasant than it would have been otherwise. As I was involved in this protest I will close the matter there, apart from mentioning the fact that the Committee bent over backwards to improve conditions by arranging for heating and a snack bar to be provided as soon as possible. To them I say 'Thank you'. Subject closed.

What else? — yes, for the very first time at an English Convention we had a Russian magician appearing and he was good, very good. Obviously a cabaret act, he was appearing on a large stage in a very large theatre. Dove productions, milk vanish with a sucker reproduction, cigarette and billiard ball manipulations were performed in classic style. He was a pro and looked it and to my shame, although I have met him several times in the past I can't remember his name, other than that his Christian name (do Russians have Christian names?) was Igor. If you read this, Igor, sorry.

In the Close-up field Peter Kane was there, and very able too, with a new book on cards. Alex Elmsley was there, attending a Convention for the first time for several years (I think) and had everyone Dazzled. Roy Walton wasn't there but was well represented by a new book on cards and one new small packet card trick. The Close-up Competition was cancelled because of lack of entrants and Bob Ostin from Liverpool stood in with a lecture.

'Flip' from Holland was there. He annoys me. He shows you a trick, fools you badly, then shows you how it is done, knowing full well that you will not be able to do it because it requires a certain knack that you will never acquire if you live to be old and bald. He was great.

Jay Marshall was there talking to his hand, and brought with him Walter Gydesen, the Magic Incorporated Store Manager who talked on the subject of collecting. Thank you Fran.

Philip Fiahlo from Monte Carlo was there and performed Close-up late one evening. He performed an effect which was probably the hit of the Convention. I am not going to describe it to you because I think it would- be unfair to describe this beautiful effect in print. It's something you must see and is called the 'Vanishing Pebble' (his own words). Try if you can to find 90 0 it

Harold Bronhaut wasn't there. Who? Harold Bronhaut of course. You hadn't heard of him? Frankly, neither had I, but at this very moment I am sitting with a newspaper cutting in front of me. It's from the Daily Mail, April 7th 1975. It contains an article on the said Harold Bronhaut. It seems that Harold is a magical inventor, in New York City and according to this article he has taken the trouble to patent a magic trick. It's a new trick wallet. Listen to this as a trick description — quoted from the newspaper: " a black wallet in which you slide a card on which you have written a telephone number or the name of a person. The mind reader holds the wallet and tells you what you wrote."

Harold says that no-one could make a similar wallet without the research equipment that he has as it incorporates a sophisticated electronic device. Harold also mentions that he started experimenting in magic when he was 6 years old. His first trick was to take the flame of a candle in his hands place it in his mouth and swallow it. "Then I would take the flame out of my mouth and put it back on the candle where it would continue to burn merrily."

Would you like to read that again. He did that when he was six years of age ?

Will someone from New York please help?

I was there. Anyone want to buy a suit that has shrunk so much that it won't even fit me?

Patrick Page ed eckl

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