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All of those things were a reality at Great Yarmouth. It was a quite convention with no real knockout act which we hadn't seen before. The most enjoyable act for me was Eddie Schuyer. I remember him from many years ago when he was billed as Eddie Schuyer & Partner and I remember two distinctly different acts.

But the act he brought to Great Yarmouth was something again. There were four people in the act. Eddie & Partner plus two of the loveliest longest legged, smartest, beautifully turned out young females I have seen in a magic act for a long time. Having said that, let me not undersell Partner. She may not be as young as the other two but she is just as attractive and longy leggy as they come.

The really interesting thing about this act is the fact that all four of them perform magic. There is no doubt as to who is the guv'nor, but to see four people all performing magic in one act is quite something. Thank you Eddie Schuyer, thank you Partner, and most important thank you long legs, all four of you.

For the close uppers, John Cornelius and Tommy Wonder were probably the standouts. No doubt there were others but I didn't catch them. Of the commercial items being offered I am afraid I must plump for an oldie, namely Ted Biet's Rising Card Gimmick. This has been around a long time but still looks good when handled properly.

The most exciting act of the convention must have been Geraldini from Norwich. In fact a local act. Well, .wouldn't you call nearly being blasted out of your seat exciting? And I was sitting in the back row. The people down front are still recovering from the fall-out. He took four curtain calls.

Change of subject. Wanna hear a funny, but one hundred percent true story? Honest, cross my heart, it really happened exactly as you are about to read, just ten days ago. Here we go.

I had just finished the act, the audience were applauding, the M.C. marches out on to the floor and in an aside, unheard by the audience behind the tumultuous ovation I was receiving, he says, "Don't go off. .stay there." So I stayed there.

From now on you are listening to the M.C's dialogue:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I must apologise for a slight interruption in the show at this point."

"Patrick. . .1 want you to do me a personal favour. There's a guy over there (he points to a spectator) who has been telling all his friends over there that you can't show those steel rings all single and separate. . .What I want you to do is to bring him up here on to the floor and show those rings to him one at a time and prove to him once and for all that they are separate."


So there. . .get out of that. . .if you can. In fact it was a compliment from the M.C. in that I'd worked with him many times and he'd watched me perform the ring routine countless times and he, naturally, assumed that the rings were single and separate. . .which is as it should be.

But I was still stuck with this problem. What happened was that although I had no idea what I was going to do I did invite the spectator out on to the floor, but by now, having been pinpointed by the M.C. HE WAS TOO EMBARRASSED TO LEAVE HIS SEAT. Inwardly I thanked God, said a fast goodnight and beat a hasty retreat to the dressing room.

When the M.C. came off he apologised to me and added. . ."but the guy got me so mad I wanted you to prove to HIM that the rings were separate."


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Fundamentals of Magick

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