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This effect is simple to explain. Someone chooses a card after which you take his photograph with a polaroid camera. On exposure the selected card appears on the picture above the head of the sitter.

It is of course achieved by double exposure but neverless seems to puzzle even photographic types and will be found to be just the thing to perform at parties.

You will require a piece of hardboard covered with non reflective black material (I use velvet)rOn this fasten the card to be forced (sorry about that) just above centre as in (1).

Using a flash cube, and the camera loaded with the appropriate film take a photograph focussing so that the card is at the top of the viewfinder. Do not remove the photograph.

When ready to perform have card selected forcing the same one you have photographed. The card is returned to pack which is then shuffled. Get the victim to pose requesting him to look upwards and concentrate his mind on the card he chose. Focus camera as in (2), click the shutter, and when the film is removed the result will be something like (3).

Any kind of polaroid cameia will do, but the portrait type is to be preferred. Should you possess, or be able to borrow another camera it would be possible to take other pictures before ringing in the prepared one when ready to do the psychic exposure.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. A few issues back I mentioned that I appeared on a show in Chicago with Marshall Brodine. I am not sure whether it was your worthy Editor or the printer but the name came out minus the letter 'B' for BRODINE and even that's probably spelled wrong but at least it sounds right. Sorry Marshall. (I sound just like the Deputy).

Last time out I discussed Italy. This time, surprise, surprise, it's Italy again. Because, believe it or not, I have been there again, this time to Milan, once more under the auspices of Dr Lotterio. This particular trip was made to perform on a Magic Show at the Aero Hotel Executive which I believe is one of the largest there. The actual venue was a ballroom in the hotel.

The occasion was a tribute to Slydini from the Italian magicians. There were four acts on the bill. Alberto Sitta who presents a Chinese act under the name of Chung Chin Foo. We have seen Alberto in England and this was a repeat performance of the same act complete with cotton wool smoke from the mouth, miles and miles of thread from the mouth and the unbelievable Carmo's Beads presentation etc. He was on top form. Yours truly was next with his kilted offering. Third was Shimada and his charming wife Deanna with his dove act which stood that Italian audience on their ears. Next came the maestro himself, Slydini, performing his novel effects as only he can — bare hand production of an incredible number of silks, torn and restored newspaper, paper balls over the head, Chinese rings. It doesn't sound like much, but as I have said, performed as only he can.

thought occurred to me while watching him perform and it was that I wondered how long it would have been since he had performed in his native language. It did seem strange to watch him go through his same handling of the spectator for the paper balls effect without being able to understand a single word of what he was saying.

The show was closed by Shimada and Deanna, this time performing their justly famous Japanese act which consists mainly of the production of Japanese parasoles, though that is a very bald description.

The show was a complete success and the audience of about 500 was specially invited to the performance though I did hear that if they had opened the show to the public they could have sold the seats 3 or 4 times over. The actual finale consisted of the compere introducing all the notable magicians present of which there were many, and eventually bringing all the artists who had performed back on stage where we were each presented with a gold medal in appreciation of our efforts from the magicians of Italy.

So that was that. For the next thirty minutes or so there was pandemonium in our dressing rooms where everyone seemed to want to come back stage to say what a great show it had been. At last we got them all cleared out and the performers and a few others adjourned to the restaurant for a sumptuous meal. Afterwards we all gathered in one of the rooms in the hotel where we were entertained by an Italian Comedy — songs none of which I understood. After this Slydini was cajoled into performing Close-up and again I was able to appreciate the skill and technique of this man who told me at one point that he was actually 75 years of age. I could hardly believe it. He performed all the things he's famous for. After the Lord Mayor's show yours truly performed a few card effect, then Slydini came back with a piece of rope and a pair of scissors and fooled everyone for 10 minutes. It was an evening I will never forget.

One other person whom I have not mentioned but who deserves to be, was the compere but I regret I do not have his name. He himself performed a rope routine between two acts, c + r, stretching and 3 to 1 etc. I will find out his name because I think it is important that he should be named as he did a wonderful job.

Patrick Page snap

Move 2


The effect is that of two freely chosen cards being revealed, but the effect on the audience is just too good to be believed, this two card reveal is a sure fire eye-popper beloved of magicians and laymen alike.

A fair description would'be as follows. The magician having had two cards chosen by the audience, noted and shuffled back into the pack, then removes the top card of the pack and having ascertained that this card is not one of the selected cards takes the card into his right hand then causes the card to spin in the air very fast. Midway through the spin the card splits three ways and becomes 3 cards — all spinning until all 3 cards hit the floor — needless to say the two new arrivals are the two cards chosen by the audience.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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