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BLACKPOOL, the land of sand, sea, sunshine and showbusiness. I have been to Blackpool many times and have seen very little, if any, of the above mentioned attractions. My dealings with this northern entrepreneurs' Eldorado have been confined to the Blackpool Magicians Club's annual One Day Convention. Once, many years ago I was offered six weeks work there as a childrens' entertainer, in the Blackpool Tower Complex and turned it down. The Golden Mile in full swing is something I have never experienced. I have never visited any of the ten (?) theatres which are open from perhaps Easter to October every year, and have been for as long as most people can remember.

I have probably seen every act of note who has ever appeared there, but, alas, not at Blackpool. My only regret is that I have not actually been to the famous Tower Circus, and there have been a few of the lesser known acts there I would have liked to have seen. Jugglers, acrobats, clowns etc. are one of my secret hobbies.

As I have stated, my only experiences of Blackpool have been confined to the Magicians Convention held there every February, when it is cold, damp, windy and closed. Having said that, I must add that I have probably enjoyed myself more than those hundreds of thousands of people who MUST visit there every year on their annual vacation. The Blackpool Convention has something going for it that few other shindigs of this type have. Don't ask me what it is, I don't know, but there are few people who go there regularly every year who come away disappointed. There is ALWAYS one act, one

This year it was a young man called Wayne Dobson. On a gala show which was very good he stands out as being the winner. He did my type of act. Sorry, he did the type of act I like. Big stage, big theatre, small magic and lots entertainment. I'm not sure I liked the blond hair with dark roots, but then I freely admit to being old fashioned. Compared to many of today's young entertainers he was positively conservative. His dress, style, magic, material can all be summed up in one word: immaculate. I did hear he was criticised for using a four letter word beginning with S and ending with T, but as the word had already been used by another act and he was simply commenting on that fact in a humourous fashion, I consider it to have been quite permissable, and to his critics may I say two things. First, he got one hell of a laugh. Second, if you say that someone used a four letter word make sure that your readers are aware that it is not one of the stronger variety.

As always I missed probably everything during the day, being confined to my dealer booth, but I wasn't unhappy about it. Business was good and I hope to be there again next year. One other thing makes this convention appealing, and that is the night-before get-together at the Gables Hotel which is the sort of headquarters for the whole affair. This is when you meet those old friends you haven't seen for a while. I like it, and there is usually an almost informal type of show taking place in the not large enough lounge. It is because the place isn't large enough you enjoy it. If you want a drink or refreshment you have to fight your way out and back again. If you pop out for some fresh air you can't get back in again, and when you try all you hear is laughter and applause and you wonder what you are missing, and hope that it isn't something you could have stolen for your own act. Magicians are like that, sometimes.

One tiny niggle. Both last year and this year there was a lecture held at Cyril Critchlow's Coronation Street Theatre at the same time as the get together at the Gables. Last year it was Joe Riding, this year it was a double header with Val Andrews and Bobby Bernard appearing. They are an excellent innovation for this convention but couldn't someone fix it so the lectures are put on a little earlier so that conventioneers can attend both venues one after the other please. Surely I am not the only masochist there every year.

Goodbye, Patrick Page

The Close-Up Magic Hedonists (Michael Ammar, Daryl, Paul Harris, and Adam Fleischer)


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