You get four different CON-CARDS. Throw anyone of them into a card routine and you will be amazed at the reaction. They are now in the regular Patrick Page close up repertoire. Price. £1.50 plus 25p P.&P

Send all cheques, PO's, Money Orders, cash to: Patrick Page, PO Box 180, London SE12 8JJ

Trouble trouble trouble. No matter what I do or say these days I get into trouble. I mentioned that I never read magazines any more, and the phone didn't stop ringing. No letters. Just abusive phone calls. Most of the people who know me, also know that I have an aversion to getting involved in long correspondence courses with anyone. The result is that few of my friends ever write. They phone. Or if they are close friends, they just turn up knocking on my door, usually bringing gifts or food parcels. So if you think you are a close friend ???????

I suppose by now you are thinking that I am going to try to justify or maybe qualify my remarks about the mags I don't read anymore. I suppose I should. I read in the Budget which is the monthly mag of the British I.B.M. that the line I used which was "I don't read magic, magazines anymore" was used by Eddie Dawes as his quotation of the month. I don't think it deserved such prominence. I know just what you're thinking at this moment. How come he knows about the Q.O.T.M. if he doesn't read magic mags. The answer is simple. As a member of the I.B.M. and the Magic Circle (actually, The Inner Magic Circle, with Gold Star I think) they both send me their monthly magazine. As a columnist for this thing called Pabular I get a free copy every month.

Are you getting the pic? I get three mags a month for free, more or less. I have been offered others. Various publishers have offered to send me a free subscription to their publications and I have always turned them down. I know a few guys who, get free copies of several magazines sent to them regularly and I've often tried to figure out why. With me there have always been strings attached, like, "write something", "lend me your library", "sleep with the wife", "I know a girl who wants to learn magic," etc.

Meanwhile, back at the old homestead. I get three mags a month. In addition to them there is the occasional visitor who may happen to have the current issue of whatever his fancy is, with him, plus, once in a while I have been known to visit another magician and while he is searching around in his cupboard to find something with which he hopes to impress me, I will steal a look at his magazines.

So you see, all in all, by and large, I don't do too badly for some one who claims he doesn't read magic magazines anymore. I just don't read the tricks anymore. Ah! Is that what he means? He doesn't read the tricks anymore. He's bigheaded? He knows it all? He doesn't have to know what the others are doing because he did it all himself before they did?

While most of that is probably true, they aren't the sole reasons. It's just that. . . well. . . hang on ... I'll find the right words in a minute. It's just that there appears to be so many magic magazines that are full of drivel, that I don't want the trouble of reading them all to find out the good ones. So I have decided to do without them. Everything clear now?

Now dealers lists and catalogues. They should be required reading for all magicians, but we will save that for another time.

I don't think I have commented on the fact that we have a new editor, one Stephen Tucker. I will I will. I'll wait until he decides who he wants to live with and when he has settled down I will welcome him officially.

Dear Eddie Dawes. Would you like another Q.O.T.M.


Goodbye Patrick Page

The Cardiac Trilogy I s Now Complete I!

Cardiac Pacemakers 36 pages, 13 effects. Heat-bound in a protective plastic cover. Cardiac Stimulation...34 pages, 16 effects

Cardiac Arrest 37 pages, 20 effects.

All three books are available boun£ within a single cover.

All of the effects are new and have never appeared in other publications. You will find the Bizarre sitting side by side with the technically mundane. I offer the books on a money back guarantee if not satisfied! That's if you can catch me.'

If you would like the books signed, this will cost an extra £5.00 per book Only joking! Due to demand I am forced to limit the sales to 12 copies per customer Sorry!

I won't here describing the various routines that you will encounter but I will mention that ' The Nervous Card.' and the improved routine are just tvo of the exciting items that will have you jumping for joy!

Available direct from, Stephen Tucker, 33A, Steeles Road, Chalk Farm, London N.W.3. England.

routine and Sesenta«

Photo-call n

card.. A, 1™'*" " f«e dow' „„ '"«"'or ,hen

own accord, the u "l°n* «••'«». "bov« earn

•Peceator', .¡J 'to8raphic paDer ■ cle«1 card. Env.l an° it "bears sar

NOTE. e„ °fTHE CHOSEN CARn ABU« "•Hhoio.,,J' ma>' repeated f

"eif contained, jr., or batten! " Can b«

^ —y to do N0Sh ,Cube -ay be pI"?J , C°<»Pieteiy Sufrarn or ^^ion.

Relent for dozen, ^ °f "^oto.r ' CU,t ha"<"in* Gimmick e"8 a"d d02(.n. , graP"ic paDf>r„

r rsuaran,eed

May 1984

So what's new? I hear you ask

sadly we saw the final performance of Tommy Cooper on the 'Live from her Majesty's' show last month.

I never knew the man personally, but I'll never forget the laughter he gave us all every time he appeared on T.V. When I used to work, at Martin Breese's Magic Lounge, he used to pop down every now and then and he was as jovial off stage as he was on. His passing is a sad loss to the comedy and the magic world.

The magic this month is supplied by one man and one man only. Who can it be? Is it

Phil Goldstein? David Britland? No! This month's one man issue is from Pascal Monmoine.

Pascal has had items published in the Apocalypse magazine, fhe Spell-Binder magazine and many of the leading French publications.

I had the pleasure of meeting him a few weeks ago and managed to cajole him into parting with enough material to fill the pages that follow.

I have seen all of the routines performed and can attest for their impact and practical methods. Some of the items may, at first, seem ludicrous but until you actually try them... you'll never know!

During his short visit in London Pascal showed me a most startling colour change of a card case. He simply held a Blue card case, flicked it and instantly it changed to a red case. It looked like pure magic. Apparently it is available direct from George Proust in France and the cost is approx: £8.00.

Pascal makes them for the above French dealer and uses the effect superbly in his colour change deck routine described within. Pascal reserves the copyright and manufacturing rights on all of the enclosed items.

Before we start with the magic, I'll review a couple of books that have come my way over the past month


Patrick Page's Book of Thumb Tips

£3.75 plus 50p postage and packing.

This is a 40 page book, spiral bound within an attractive card cover. Illustrated throughout by Eric Mason.

You will find no less than twelve excellent routines within and all are extremely easy to perform.

Just a few small gripes... . The Lighted Match Vanish has appeared in print before. See page: 171 of 'The Big Book Of Magic.'

No mention of 'Hartz' is made throughout the book, though the origination of the thumb tip is discussed and mention made of Hoffmann's Later Magic. On page: 214 Hoffmann clearly credits Hart'z with the origination of the tip.

All of the twelve routines are practical, though some could be said to be "bleedin obvious." You will also encounter a few humerous anecdotes related to the thumb tip and these-alone are worth the price of the book!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire work and highly recommend it to anyone possessing the ingenious device!

Available direct from the author at.. . Patrick Page, PO Box 180, London SE12 8JJ. England. Also available from most leading dealers.


The Art Of The Grafter (A Pitchman's Guide To Selling.) By Walt Lees. £4.75 inc postage.

This is a 28 page publication. It is stapled within an Astralux board cover and the entire contents are type set.

The production is excellent and the layout and graphics are courtesy of Jat's Graphics. The book deals with the art of the pitchman, that lowly creature who stands on the street corner bellowing his head off to the 1226 assem^e<^ multitude of punters.

By reading the book you will become familiar with a new language as used by the pitch man. You will become familiar with words like.. . . Punter-customer. . . Flash-money and such useful statements as. . . Coming to the bat-naming the price.

All this will be of little or no use to you, unless that is. ... you're thinking of becoming a pitchman!

Due to the economic climate at the moment, this doesn't seem so absurd.

Walt points out that your income won't be very high, only about twice the average earnings of a genuine worker. (Remember those, they're the ones with a job!)

I had to laugh at Martin Breese's opening remarks, where he states that one of his friends gave the audio cassettes, on which this book is based, to his son-in-law who was temporarily out of work.

Some months later the phone rang, and Martin was told that the young man had saved the sum of £5,000 pounds and managed to support himself selling magic using the methods that Walt had described in the tapes!!

So what are we all waiting for?

I'm ordering my copy now!

Available from Martin Breese Publishing Ltd; 31, Richmond Way, Hammersmith, London W.14 England.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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