Coin Assembly

Gordon Bruce

Whilst I devised the moves used in this routine, several other people have independently had similar ideas. Some of these moves have recently found their way into print, and so at this time I take the opportunity of publishing my own routine. Briefly stated, the effect is the time honoured one of four coins assembling under a playing card. One interesting feature is that at no time does the magician pick up a coin and "vanish" it. No extra coins are used and the magician is not one, but four moves ahead of the spectator before the effect apparently begins.

Place four face up playing cards on the tabh? in a square, A,B,C,D. Cards A,B and D each have a coin lying on them, while at position C the coin lies off the card to the side.

A large coin is concealed in your left hand (not palmed) and it stays there throughout the trick until the climax.

1. Using the right hand, turn card B over towards you so that it is now face down. As you do this, the right thumb slides the coin up into the right hand. This action is screened by the

card and the right hand fingers. You have apparently turned the card face down on top of the coin.

2. The right hand moves, diagonally across towards card C and picks it up. The card hides the coin which lies on the right fingers. Use the card to scoop up the coin on the table. The right thumb holds the coin against the face of the card as you turn the card face down. Simultaneously, release the coin from behind the right hand fingers and it drops to the table. Apparently it is the same coin, but in reality you have switched it for the first coin. Place the face down card (and the hidden coin still held by the right thumb) over the visible coin at C taking care that the two coins do not talk.

3. Turn over card A, stealing the coin into the right hand as you did at B.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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