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A Chinese coin A lOp piece A chopstick A Five pound Note A small bulldog clip.


A five pound note is folded in half lengthways. Actually, it is better if the bottom edge is creased a about an eighth of an inch below the top edge, so that the coin can be easily inserted (Fig.l).

The lOp piece is placed in the folded note and apparently the Chinese coin is placed with it (Figs 2 & 3). In fact, the Chinese coin is placed immediately behind the lOp piece, outside the note (Fig.3), and is held in position by the left thumb. The ends of the note are folded over (Fig.4), and the Chinese coin is allowed to slip into the hand, which feels in the pocket for the bulldog clip.

The clip is taken, and the coin left in the pocket. The top of the note is clipped, and the clip is slipped onto the chopstick, which is held at either end (Fig.5).

The spectator is asked to name one of the coins. If the Chinese coin is named, the performer claims that he will cause that coin to disappear. If the lOp piece is named, the performer says that he will cause the selected coin to remain in the note, and cause the Chinese coin, which the spectator rejected, to disappear.

nFolded to within 1/8" of top. This makes it easier for coin to be placed within the fold.

1. Remove both black kings and place them face up on the table.

2. Out faro and push the cards togetl about an inch as if about to make a giant fan.


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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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