Here is a bit of business, that should be good for a laugh or two. You will need one of those rubber hands that are sold in some novelty shops. This is on your lap, held between the knees, with the opening just below the level of the table top.

Take a pack of cards and begin to do a series of showy shuffles and cuts. Then offer to show how to deal a good hand.

Deal out four hands of cards on the table. Point to the one nearest yourself and say "This is the best hand." As your right hand starts to draw the cards towards yourself and turn them face up, the right thumb is inserted into the openihg in the rubber hand, drawing it quickly into view and tossing it onto the table.

Who is Walt Lees? Well, Walt hails from the City of Lincoln and saw his first magician when he was only six years of age and by the time he was twelve he had done his first show for money, at the local police station where they probably paid him in coppers. He had a fondness for folk-groups and amateur dramatic societies, being a member of both, and he also performed in working men's clubs. In between this he somehow managed to run his own joke shop. A stint back-stage at the Lincoln Theatre Royal gave him an insight into the theatrical aspects of performing rather than the magical side.

In 1968 he started working for Ron Macmillan demonstrating in stores and exhibitions — places that are designed to tear one's heart out week after week. Walt's forte is probably routining and he performs most of his effects in routines. He started the serious study of close-up magic around five or six years ago and he became so skilled with his handling of a deck of cards that he was featured in a T.V. programme in this country called 'Aquarius'. He has edited 'Magic Info' magazine for over two years and in 1974 he entered the Magic Circle Close-up Competition and walked off with the first prize.

Walt is probably the only magician I know who actually rehearses every single day for one hour — and what's more he does it before he goes to work in the morning, and this should tell you what kind of a magic nut he is.

OK, so now you know what he has done and where he has been. So what about him as a person? Walt is tall, slim, quite good-looking (that's another reason I hate him); oh yes, he is a prolific writer — in fact he is so prolific that he has practically squeezed me out of this issue.

Most magicians have amusing stories about themselves that they can relate and Walt has a humdinger. A while back he was demonstrating the Svengali deck in Hamley's Magical Department when he looked up and saw a face he thought he recognised, one of his relatives. Midway through the dem' he remarked "Hello Auntie" and carried on working. When he has finished and was passing the decks out and taking the money, he looked again for the lady. Seeing her he suddenly realised he had been addressing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth!

She had what can only be described as an inscrutable smile, probably thinking that Walt had been the result of a misdemeanour of one of her relatives somewhere along the line.

Patrick Page

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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