This is the colour change deck routine that was mentioned in the editorial. It will be described briefly here as it makes use of two special gimmicks, which you will have to buy or make.

Those of you familiar with the construction of the 'Acrobatic Card.' will have no problems understanding this explanation. Briefly . . . An Acrobatic card is made from two playing cards which are hinged together with a substance known as dental dam.

This dam is used to create a spring hinge on one or more surfaces of the card.


Example . .. The face of the card is shown to be the Ace of Spades but when the carchis dropped to the table, the pressure maintained on the card is released and the hinge springs shut. This causes the surface of the Ace of Spades to be covered by another playing card face.

I hope that you understand what I'm talking about!! (Mind you. I'm not too sure if I do myself!)

I can only refer you to the Edward Mario book on the Acrobatic card if you are still in the dark. Said book is published by Magic, Inc.

You will need to gimmick the card case so that the red printing on one face will instantly change to blue printing when the flap is released and allowed to spring closed.

In other words .. . You'll need to gimmick a regular blue card case by adding a spring flap that, when open and held in place by the fingers, will appear to show a red card case. The gimmicked case would be held as shown in Fig:l.

With your empty hand flick the case, and at the same time, allow the flap to be released from the fingers and spring closed.

The result is that the case appears to guddenly change from red to blue.

The other 5 sides of the case are also blue but this fact is not noticed prior to the change!!

If you look at Fig:l you'll see that the spectator can only see the gimmicked face of the case and will automatically assume that the entire case is red!

As previously stated in the editorial.. . the gimmicked card case is available from George Proust in France.

Assuming that you understand the mechanics of the case, we can go on to the cards within. Inside the deck should be a blue backed deck with a gimmicked Acrobatic card on top. This Acrobatic card should appear to be red backed but if the flap is allowed to close, the card would instantly change and become blue backed.

When Pascal first described this to me, I was a little hesitant in including it in this issue.

Now we can describe the routine ... Introduce the apparent red card case and exclaim that you have brought the wrong deck, you really need your blue backed deck. Offer a change the card case to blue .. flick it and . .. it's blue!

Allow the case to be seen all round, then open the flap and pull the cards out for about half their length, this allows the spectator to see the red back of the Acrobatic card which is atop the blue backed deck. Apologise once again and offer to now change the deck so that it too is blue backed.

Simply shake the deck out of the case and onto your close up mat so that it lands face down and spreads across the mat.

The instant the cards are free of the case, the Acrobatic card will visibly change from red to blue and as soon as the rest of the cards are seen in the spread, the effect is that the entire back has changed!

You can pocket the card case and get rid of the Acrobatic card as you remove and pocket the Jokers.

I'm sorry for the rather brief description of the gimmicks but I think most of you will understand their construction and will be able to get your hands on them.

I have seen the routine performed and can assure you that it is worth any effort necessary to acquire the gimmicks.

Fig:2 shows the change as the deck is free of the case.

Note: The special card-case is available from George Proust, Academie De Magie 47, Rue Notre-;Dame-De-Lorette 7500g Paris. The cost of the case is ¬£7.00 including postage. Pascal informs me that if any readers would like one of the flap-cards he will be pleased to make one for you. Requests should be forwarded to me at ¬ęthe address on the back cover and I'll pass them on to Pascal.

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