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This trick is based on the original "Elmsley Four Card Trick" by Alex Elmsley, put out as a dealer item by John Henley. The handling of the cards is almost the same but the climax is different. The trick is particularly aimed at attractive young ladies in the audience for obvious reasons.


1. 4 blank faced red black cards. On front of one card print SEX and on the reverse print

I DON'T GET IT EITHER (see Fig.l) using Letraset or Patterson Blick Magic Letters sheets 3 & 4. Black letters show up better on red cards than on blue. If blue cards are used the patter should be adjusted.

2. A young lady to act as spectator. PREPARATION:

All cards face down. SEX card is third from top.

1. Fan cards slightly face down (not too far, otherwise printing will be exposed) (see Fig.2) Patter:— "These are my mind reading cards".

2. Elmsley count the cards face down (sending, the SEX card to the bottom).

"They are red because your mind is about to be read."

3. Thumb 2 top cards off with left thumb into right hand. Flash their faces to audience and replace them UNDER cards in left hand. Say "They are blank".

4. Turn cards face up and Elmsley count showing blank faces. "— like my mind is most of the time — particularly when I've had a few (to drink)!"

5. Continue patter:— "Think of any even number between 5 and 7. Concentrate hard on that number. Think about it!"

Now Elmsley count face up revealing SEX card as third card which ends up below face card. "You're thinking about it tonight!"

david a wright


6. Point out location of SEX card.

"This is a sort of aptitude test — Where is the printed card?"

Wait for reply and close up cards and turn them face down. Ask again "Where is the printed card now?" Make sure they know it is third card down or second from bottom.

7. "I'll reverse their order."

Elmsley count face down sending SEX card to the bottom.

Ask "Where is it now?"

They should reply "Second from the top".

8. Turn cards face up to reveal the SEX card on the face. "Look the SEX card is on the bottom."

9. Spread cards and get break under second card from face (see Fig.3). Close fan.

Double lift and hold two cards as one face down — thus apparently the SEX card has a normal back.

Say "I'll make it easier to follow, I'll reverse the printed card".

10. Buckle bottom card in left hand and slide two cards in right hand as one into break, (see Fig.4).

11. Turn packet in left hand face down.

12. Thumb top face down card to side to reveal SEX card face up. Replace top card (See Fig.5). "Look the printed card is second one down."

13. Close cards and Elmsley count face down, injogging last two cards counted so that SEX card is revealed face up.

"I'll reverse the order so that the second card is now one—two—three cards down."

14. Close up the cards and ask "Where is the face up card?"

15. They say "third from the top"

Say "Correct" as you Elmsley count. This time the third card appears to have changed to a blank. Outjog it. (SEX card is concealed.)

16. Pull out out-jogged blank card, turn it face down and place it under the packet.

17. Elmsley count face down cards (all cards appear face down).

"You're having difficulty following the printed card."

18. Elmsley count again, this time SEX card appears face up. Pull it out of fan and place it on top. Fan cards.

"You shouldn't have had any difficulty because one, it's face up and the three others are face down".

get break between these two cards

Two cards held as I one

Two cards held as I one

Bottom card buckled down by left little finger

Turn the three face down cards face up and say "and secondly, the others have no printing on the faces."

Ask the spectator "DO YOU GET IT?"

19. If she replies NO say "THAT'S MY TROUBLE. I DON'T GET IT EITHER" turning over the SEX card and pointing to the words as you say them.

If she answers YES say "I MEAN'T THE TRICK NOT THAT. I DON'T GET IT EITHER" turning over the SEX card and revealing the wonJsT

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