Paul Diamond (Two Cassettes): Price £7.50.

No doubt tht)se readers who attended Harrogate I.B.M. Convention a few years ago, will remember the huge impact of this big man from Los Angeles. Tipping the scales at what must be in the region of twenty stone and bursting with ebulience and good humour, Paul Diamond was one of the undoubted hits of that gathering. A professional to his fingertips, he scores heavily both as a stage and close-up performer. 'Performer' is the operative word in the last sentence. Paul Diamond does not just exhibit his tricks, he squeezes every last drop of entertainment out of them.

On the cassettes, he describes several items from his repertoire, explaining not only the methods, which are fairly basic, but much more importantly, how to present them. His analysis of a mental effect -with five E.S.P. cards is an object lesson in professional showmanship. Even if you use none of the actual tricks described on these two tapes, you will learn a lot about exploiting magic in a commercial situation. This is worth more than all the new tricks in creation.

It is only fair to warn the reader that a couple of the items described, do require faked coins. These coins are available from dealers, and Martin will be delighted to obtain them for those interested. This, however, is only a minor quibble. The real value of these tapes lies in what they tell you about showmanship and entertainment in general. Cannot be too highly recommended.

An Audio Card Session with Peter Kane (Two Cassettes): Price £7.00.

Peter Kane is an occasional contributor to these pages. He is also the inventor of "Wild Card", "The Gipsy's Curse", "The Gun Trick" and "The Nemo Card Castle". In addition he has written several best selling booklets on 897

close-up magic. Altogether a truly enviable record.

There is no doubt that when it comes to inventing new, off-beat, original effects, Peter has few equals. His reputation has spread and his ideas are widely used. That this reputation is deserved, few can doubt.

On these tapes are described the "Elongated Lady" and a lovely routine in which a chosen card appears between two jacks on the table. Both are supplied with written instructions and one with line drawings, a useful adjunct to the verbal directions. It does seem that the spoken word has limitations in conveying the more complex ideas and Peter and Martin are to be congratulated for taking the extra time and trouble to ensure that, where necessary, additional written information is included.

One of the real joys about cassettes, is the little insights that they give into the man behind the magic. Indeed, the interview, which Martin conducts with Peter does give a valuable portrait of one of Britain's finest magical brains.

I enjoyed these two cassettes a lot and especially liked the handling of "The Card under Glass", which is a highly commercial item and should find its way into the repertoires of many "table hoppers".

Peter Kane fans will certainly not be disappointed in these offerings, while newcomers, who have never heard of him, have a real treat in store.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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