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JOS BEMA'S LECTURE NOTES available from Jos Bema, Valkstraat 19, Lisse ZH, Holland. Four dollars.

The sixteen pages describe adequately eleven tricks of a varied nature that the author used on his U.S. tour. In addition to 'Splitting the Money' which is described in this issue there is a method for the 'Broken and Restored Wrist-watch' which can be performed surrounded — a sleight for the continuous production of billiards or other balls which is not difficult — a 'Rope & Ring' routine where the ring penetrates a rope and changes colour twice — a novel torn and restored paper — a rising card effect wherein a rabbit in hat card pulls out the chosen card with its feet — a lighter which fails to work changes into a matchbox — a piece of thread magically becomes several lines through a needle's eye — a nail penetrates a playing card — card symbols palmed on blocks which move under cover of a silk to simulate a chosen card — a very direct method for the card through the handkerchief and finally the Cups & Balls using two cups in a routine which sets itself after performance and dispenses with body loads. Most magicians will find something to interest them.

Shigeo Takagi's ONE CUP ROUTINE. 12 Dollars 50 which includes cup, text and illustrations.

This is not a book but typeset instructions protected with a transparent plastic cover held with an edge binder which allow the pages to be removed, and a separate booklet containing 35 excellent line drawings by Ton Onosaki. The cup is similar in style to the Paul Fox Cup is lathe turned hardwood and polished.

The effect consists of producing a small ball from a wand which vanished and reappears under the wooden cup only to vanish again and reappear in the performers pocket. It then penetrates the cup. Again the ball is placed in the pocket and again appears under the cup. Finally, it is placed in the pocket and to the performers surprise fails to appear under the cup. Holding the cup above the working surface and slapping it, a large ball falls from within the cup. The cup is then shown to be a solid block of wood providing a fine climax.

No exceptional skill is required but it is not for the duffer.

Shigeo Takagi's COIN ASSEMBLY. Four dollars fifty.

Illustrations provided similar to those describing the ONE CUP ROUTINE, with 46 line drawings by the same artist. This version of the classic is done in slow motion. The coins are caused to assemble beneath one card using moves and sequences that are unique.

To sum up. These effects are beautifully routined as would be expected of a recognised master in this particular field of close-up magic. The business of learning the routines has been simplified. Each move in the text being given a number corresponding to that in the relevant sketch. For those having the usual skills common to the performance of this type of effect, these routines are certain to appeal.

Both routines are distributed exclusively Busby Enterprises, 133 - 17th Street,' Oakland, California 94612, U.S.A.

Fred Robinson

Tarot 1810

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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