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Two more booklets from the prolific Phil Goldstein in the same format as his previous publications and both are priced at four dollars plus one dollar airmail postage, from the author at 7070 Franklin Avenue, Suite 101, Hollywood CA 9002S U.S.A.

The Yellow Book of Mentalism contains ten effects of which three have previously appeared in print. There is a limited number of effects available to the mentalist and in consequence he must depend on novel presentations to achieve the appearance of being different and less predictable. The effects include one in which the performer predicts the name of an article a lady forgets to purchase on her visit to the supermarket — excellent for an audience of ladies. A divination of a selected card using a borrowed pack. A prediction envelope is handed out and five spectators invited to call out a simple geometric design which the performer draws on separate business cards — one is chosen at random and is found to match the prediction. A no stooge prediction — suited for an audience of men in which performer predicts the number of pins a spectator says he has knocked down in an imaginary game of bowls. A clever adaption of the Hilliard Telephone Test using the twelve astrological signs and a nail writer. A novel presentation of Seven Keys to Baldpate which is allied to astrology.

There are three more effects which include a technique for a five-way out effect using billets — one with darts — a special effect for New Year's Eve — and lastly a card effect using an instant stooge.

Presentation and patter with the items add considerably to the value of the material offered.

Goldstein's Gallery (sub-titled 'a collection of polychromatic card magic).

Ten card effects one of which has a couple of variations utilising cards with contrasting coloured backs.

The Picasso Aces is a variation of the ace assembly using blue backed aces and red backed indifferent cards. In True Blue a card selected from a red backed packed appears face up between two blue backed kings. First Raid is an approach to Roy Walton's 'Ambush Plot' — three selections of red backers being caught between the blue backed kings.

Among the other effects subjected to the Goldstein treatment are Oil and Water, Follow the Leader, Brainwave plus others less easily defined. Due to limited space these cannot be detailed but it can be said that the material is up to this author's usual standard and if you are a card man of average ability you will find much of interest.

Rick Johnsson's Strike One, an impromptu miracle with matchboxes. Available in Great Britain from Anthony Brahams, 168 Holland Park Avenue, London Wll, £1.75 post free.

This booklet of nine pages and 24 diagrams details a routine with two matchboxes. The two boxes are caused to adhere to each other in several positions and at different angles, sometimes with both boxes closed and at others with one or both drawers half open. At the conclusion both boxes may be examined. There are no difficult moves in what seems to be an excellent bar trick and some will give it the requisite rehearsal and add to their repertoire of impromptu tricks — others will not, and louse it up — it is that kind of trick.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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