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Bob Read's 100 DOLLAR GLASS THRO' TABLE available from the author at 32 Regal Way, Kenton, Middx, England, at £2.50 or 5 dollars.

In the original version, a sheet of paper was moulded around a glass tumbler which was then used to cover a coin and a spectator invited to guess 'heads or tails'. This was repeated a few times with the idea of keeping the attention of the spectators on the coin. Before covering the coin for the last time the glass was allowed to slip out of the paper onto the lap and only the paper shell going over the coin. This shell was then smashed flat and the glass produced from under the table.

The above description will enlighten the uninitiated and also serve to point out the superiority and advantages of the routine under review over its ancestor. The preliminary non-magical guessing game designed to provide the necessary misdirection has been replaced by a series of magical effects which are a logical and entertaining build-up to the climax.

A piece of newspaper is rolled up into a small ball and placed into the pocket only to reappear under the glass when it changes into a pound note or dollar bill. This is then re-rolled into a ball and an attempt made to cause it to penetrate the table from below into the glass, but on lifting the glass a potato is revealed. Finally the glass? is smashed through the table and when it is brought to the surface the note is inside.

Not only does this routine possess considerably more scope for providing entertainment than the original it can be performed standing and in any situation providing there is a table. There is also a clever little touch which leads the audience to believe that the glass is still under the paper covering after it has been stolen away, plus an optional gag which requires an additional small prop.

All is revealed in a booklet of eight large glossy pages. Accompanying the text are 28 photographs ensuring that every phase of the trick is understood. There are few tricks which, when performed in close-up situations, have an unsuspected climax with sufficient impact to bring an audible gasp of amazement from an audience — this trick is such a one.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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