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Most wild card routines are nice to do for magicians, but too drawn out for a genuine party-audience: too much repetition of the same move, slow tempo and no climax, while the trick cries for being performed in crescendo.

Forgetting for a moment that one of the cards in the packet seems to be wild, the plot of changing the faces of a whole bunch of all the same cards into replica's of another card, is great, because of the impression of abundance it leaves on the spectators, when the cards are scattered over the table.

It would be not so difficult, to change just one packet of all the same cards for another of same cards, but this would not be a very elegant solution: too direct.

Using the standard wild-card set would be good, but the principle of the fake cards and set-up involved is too good to give it another 'funny-cardtrick' treat.

In my opinion you should create a reason for doing this routine at all, provide a logical solution why you use a packet of all the same cards, and then build several little effects into an applause-getting climax to finish your close-up card magic demonstration psychologically strong.

Be-WILD-ering cards!

In my routine I do not introduce one card being wild: I think because the joker is already the wild card in many card games, this is the card that should be used in the normal routine, but as I already have many tricks proving the joker is wild, I do not use this theme here.

Several well known magicians who have seen my routine, have praised it, and my lay-audience — who are the criterion — love it.

My theme is this:

Near the end of a series of card tricks, the performer remarks: "It's strange, but every time I do these tricks, there seems to have developed in some persons a strange affection for one card. Maybe because they have seen all the cards many times by then, it is a matter of psycho-cybernetic deduction, I do not know how, but it works. Now Sir, you too I think have this paranormal affection, this deck has been shuffled, please say 'Stop' anywhere you like.' Spectator chooses a card (say the King of Clubs), which is shown to everybody except the magician, and put back into the deck. Next the magician produces a packet of 9 cards, which he claims, were taken from decks he had used for previous demonstrations of this phenomenon, and which he will use to prove his proposition to be right, but the 9 cards are, although identical with each other, not so with the chosen card. That's a mistake and therefore the magician proposes to do something else. In dealing them, front and back of the nine cards are shown, four of them are dealt face-down with a request to two spectators to place one hand over each card, and four cards are dealt face up in a pile in front of the performer. One card remains. Say "All these cards are the eight of Hearts."

Performer picks up deck and asks "Which card did you actually take?" and at the same time the spectator answers, the remaining eight of Hearts changes into the chosen King of Clubs. First surprise. This card is put on top of the faceup 8h-pile and these cards instantly change into the kc, except the last 8h, which is shown front and back and put face down centre table. Surprise 2.

Spectators are asked to turn over their cards: they have changed into the King of Clubs. Surprise 3. And for the knock-out, the reluctant remaining eight of Hearts too has been changed into the King of Clubs, when turned over! Surprise 4!

The whole routine has tempo, audience participation, sucker, and effects that build into a wallop and, what's most important, lets them applaud!


You need a standard wild-card set, but the last, 'wild' card replaced by a regular duplicate of the eight 'other' cards. In our example the cards would be: four double-facers consisting of the eight hearts/king clubs, four duplicate regular king of clubs, one regular eight of hearts. Their order from the face would be: 8h/kc, -kc, -8h/kc, -kc, -8h/kc, -kc, -8h/kc, -kc, -8h. In addition to this you need a matching deck, from which the last 8h was taken. Topcard of the deck should be King of Clubs. Put the nine cards in a neat envelope or folder, to keep them clean, although it does not matter when they look a little bit used.

Shuffle the deck, retaining kc on top. Take deck in left hand, riffle with left thumb, until told to stop. Cut at that point, push top card of lower half on top of upper half, put top half back in place, double lift showing kc to everybody except yourself. Place card back into pack in waiting left hand, draw off top card of top packet with left thumb onto lower half, but let it protrude one inch, top half on top of lower half and let somebody push in 'chosen card, (chosen card remains on top). Deck tabled face-down.

Introduce the packet of nine cards face down and turn over and show face: 8h cards in glide-position. With right thumb separate first and second card and push forward as one card, so people see next 8h turn down, glide, and take protruding card (kc) away. Face down in front of spectator, who puts hand over it. .. show packet face up, deal 'next' card face up by pulling it towards yourself, and the next 8h becomes visible. Turnover, glide, kc is placed face down to be covered by other hand of spectator. Same procedure for second spectator, until two cards are left, and turned face-up. The bottom, face up (regular) card is drawn away by the right fingers, the remaining fake 8h put on top of the face up pile.

Pick up deck with left hand, hand palm up, deck face down, left thumb along left long side. Put 8h-face up on tpp saying "It's a pity, I've tried. We have to do something else to regain our reputation. What's the name then of the card you freely chose and put back into the deck?"

During this the 8h is turned over, double lift made and turned over at the exact moment spectator calls out: King of Clubs. Now the two cards should protrude one inch diagonally to the right, so you can take the right outer corner(s) with right thumb and first finger. Slide the two cards as one towards the tips of your left fingers. Turn your left hand over. Now two things happen at the same time. Your right fingers put the King of Clubs onto the face-up 8h pile, while the tips of the left fingers pull the 8h back onto the deck, which is tabled. Pick up face-up pile with right fingers, place in left hand and square. The right thumb now should be at the left inner corner, right second finger at right outer corner, right first finger slightly curled over centre outer short side. Take the cards away and up, at the same time turning the cards over with help of the first finger, which is possible due to the axis thumb/ second finger. Put the cards back into left hand. "Did you see it happen?" No one has, because this turnover is invisible if well done, and the face of kc is still showing. "It happened, look!" Right thumb and second finger are at right inner and outer corner, while left thumb pulls off the kings into left hand, retaining a break under last king, when last, face down card shows. This card is put on top of pile, top cards turned over as one, and 8h shows up. Packet closed and fanned out, showing four kings and the eight.

"Sorry for the eight, but kc is your card isn't it? Not bad for a start." Saying this, the cards are closed again, double lift and turnover of top cards, showing back of top card, supposedly eight, and is put face down at centre table. The remaining four kings spread out face up in front of you.

"So, your card is the kc! Please turn over your cards." The two spectators turn over their cards, and much to their surprise, they find them also to be kings of clubs now! Quickly take the cards from them and add them to your own spread. "Oh, by the way, your card wasn't the King of Clubs by accident, was it? It is unbelievable, but some people seem to have a strange attraction for that card, as 1 told you before*" Turn the last card over, showing kc. Not bad for an end — this will stop the show -and so it does!

As they applaud scoop all the kings with this last one, and put them back in the envelope. Don't forget to put one of the regular kings in to the deck again, later on.

Of course, if it suits your personality, you could go on and act like mad, producing all Kings of Clubs out of all your pockets, "Some people have a st/lngeiikffection for the King of Clubs!"

AfW w^tt 'dj-fe ¿Ijchh Tahiti iU


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