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We have had many letters asking about back numbers of Pabular and on many occasions, especially with the early issues, we could not help because they were-out of print. At last we have had them reprinted and, at present have a limited number of each month available. Anyone who has written for them already should be receiving them — others are asked to let us know the issues they need and we will be happy to help.

This is an original sleight that 1 have been using for a number of years. Its use is for lapping a card with the pack held naturally over the table. All that appears to happen is that the pack is riffled with the right thumb.

When sitting at a table in a relaxed position, resting forearms on the table pack held with both hands, card to be lapped is on the bottom having been taken there by the method you prefer.

The pack rests in both hands as follows. The right hand thumb is on the short end at the centre. The first finger is curled with the nail resting on the top card. The second and third fingers hold the short end, away from you. The left hand thumb slides down the top left hand side of the top card as the first finger, underneath, engages the outer end of the bottom card. The second, third and little fingers are held together.

Now the first finger and thumb apply a squeezing pressure and slide hand towards the body, until the bottom card is buckled as in the illustration. When you are ready to release the card just riffle the end of the pack with the right thumb, and the card with practice will shoot between your arms to your lap. You can lean forward after the release of the card, to hide it.

The sleight is not difficult, and can be done (in a fashion) straight away. A tip for cleaner shooting of the card is to roll the first finger, this being done by turning the right hand little finger towards the table top. This action causes less contact with the card and therefore there is less drag.




Britain's, the well known toy manufacturers, make a miniature crocodile with a spring loaded mouth, capable of holding two or three playing cards. It was coming across one of these that inspired the following.

Required are:-

1) Toy Crocodile.

2) Toy Roman gladiator (these are also made by Britain's).

3) A pack of cards containing one with a blank face.

The crocodile is in your pocket or case. The gladiator is held concealed in the left hand and hidden by the pack, which is face up in a dealing position. Held in this way, the gladiator is concealed from all angles. The top (back) card of the pack is the blank face.

Spread the cards and locate two red kings and a black queen. Explain that these represent three explorers in the jungle. Toss them on the table, then turn the pack face down, tilting the hand to keep the gladiator out of sight.

With the pack now face down, obtain a little finger break below the top (blank) card, with the left hand, while the right picks up the three cards. With the three cards held face up, place the queen between the kings and square them on top of the pack. Lift them off, picking up the blank at the same time.

Hold the packet of cards in the right hand, from above with the fingers at the outer end and the thumb at the inner (Biddle grip). Explain that two gentlemen and one lady explorer were travelling up the Amazon. When they camped for the night, the gentlemen turned away from the lady while they slept.

So saying, draw the first king onto the pack, face up, with the left thumb. It should project over the front of the pack for about one third of its length. Next draw off the queen, turning it face down and placing it flush with the pack. Finally place the last two cards, squared as one on top, so that they project for about a third of their length to the rear. This is the position for the well known Kosky change (Fig 1).

The right thumb pushes the top king and the card concealed below it, in the direction of the arrow in Fig 1, until it lines up with the bottom king. The right hand then changes its grip, and takes the three projecting cards by the outer end and pulls them clear of the pack, leaving the queen behind on top.

The above is the Kosky change and switches the queen for the blank faced card. The three cards are spread slightly once they are clear of the pack. Put them on the table, but retain the pack in the left hand to hide the gladiator. Continue the saga of the explorers, by relating how during the night a crocodile crept into the tent and carried them off. At this point introduce the crocodile and clip the three cards in its mouth.

Explain that the crocodile found the first man too tough, so he let him go. Remove the first king and put it in the left hand face up on top of the face down pack, but overlapping for about half its length at the front. Say that the second man was also released, for the same reason. Remove the second king and put it on top of the first, but overlapping to the right. Without saying anything, casually remove the pack and put it down. The gladiator is now hidden beneath the two kings. Continue with the story by saying that the lady was eaten. Here pick up the crocodile and turn it over, revealing that the card in its mouth is now blank.

Say that the gentlemen were angry with the crocodile for eating the lady, and the lady was not very pleased either, but the crocodile did not mind as he had scrounged a free meal. Or in the words of the poet — here you recite:-

The gentlemen were mad he ate her, The lady she was sad he ate her, But the crocodile was glad 'e ate 'er (make this sound like 'gladiator).

Quickly seize the cards and the gladiator in the right hand, turn them over at the same time standing the gladiator upright (Fig 2).

Time this so that the figure is revealed on the last line of the poem.

As an afterthought: If you cannot obtain a toy crocodile that will hold cards in its mouth, a comic one can be made out of a suitably painted clothes peg.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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