This routine employs the same set of cards as the last version. However, in this presentation the effect is extended. At the start of the routine the cards are in order from the face: double-facer, joker-side-up; face down ace; face up ace; face up ace; joker.

1) Prior to displaying the cards, explain that you will work with four identical jokers, and that the idea of the trick is to make the jokers magically turn over. Elmsley Count, displaying three face up jokers and one face down card.

2) Flip the packet face down. Obtain a break beneath the top two cards. Half-Pass the three cards below the break. The spectator will comment on the reversed card. Respond, "Oh — I guess the cards got a head start. . . they're supposed to wait for me to make my mystical gesture."

3) Perform an Ascanio Spread. This will display three face down cards and a face up joker. Strip out the double card, replacing it on top. Retain the packet in spread condition, with the left hand alone. With the right hand, extract the face up joker from the spread. Turn that card, turning it face down and replacing it on the bottom of the packet. Square the cards.

4) Make a mystical gesture. Ascanio Spread, displaying three face down cards and one face up joker. Strip out the double card with the right hand. The left hand squares its three-card stock. The right hand uses its card(s) to lever the left hand stock face up. Deposit the right hand pair on top of the left hand stock. Only jokers will show during this.

5) Say, "The reversal can also be done with the cards starting face up ... " Make your mystical gesture. Perform a Jordan Count, showing three face up jokers and one face down card. The face down card is outjogged during during this count.

6) Hold the packet with the left hand. The right hand extracts the outjogged face down card. The left little finger obtains a break beneath the top card of the packet. Drop the right hand's card on top of the packet for a moment. To justify this action, hold up your empty right hand and comment, "It's all in the mystical gesture ..." Now, the right hand again picks up the face down card from atop the packet. However, in truth a Double Lift is made — both cards from above the break, squared as one. Use the right hand's card(s) to flip the left hand stock face down. The left hand spreads its three cards as they come face down. Thus, you are cleanly displaying four backs. Add the right hand stock on top of the left, and square the cards.

7) Make a mystical gesture. Ascanio Spread, showing one face up joker and three backs. Strip out the double card, replacing it on top.

8) Comment, "Of course, T don't have to turn the reversed card over each time ... I can simply make it reverse itself again. "Openly transfer the bottom card to the top, covering the face up joker. Make a mystical gesture, then perform a Back Spread to again show four face down cards.

9) Say, "Making the cards turn up and down is actually the easy part of this trick . . . Here's the hard part..." Raise the fan to display four aces, which can be cleanly shown backs and fronts.

EDITORIAL November 1983

Hello again. Hope you're well and looking forward to trying out all the miracles in this issue. This month we have four effects from Phil Goldstein that string along into a great routine. Roberto Giobbi offers a novel presentation to the card in wallet effect. I present an outstanding card routine . . . aren't they all?? and a hoard of other magic mad enthusiasts offer their pet effects. All in all, it sounds like a really good issue.

In a few days time I'll be off to Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Stockholm for the lecture tour I mentioned last month.

I've also just completed work on my latest book . . . 'CARDIAC PACEMAKERS' (See full advert within.)

Yes it's all happening folks!! I

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