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It has been said before, but there seem to be a lot of conventions coming up these days. One that I wanted to catch was the Jack Hughes Weekend that took place recently but unfortunately, due to a clashing of dates, I missed it. This was a great pity. I had been to the first two and I was really looking forward to this one. One of the reasons I wanted to catch it particularly was because they had brought over Bob Olson. The last time I actually saw Bob Olson perform was in 1966 in Chicago, which according to my pocket calculator is 13 years ago. At that time he was performing an act which was more or less a modern day representation of an old time American magician called Richard Potter. At the time I thought he was very good and I was looking forward to him repeating the act at the Jack Hughes Convention. Unfortunately that was not to be but maybe there will be another time.

The next big event on my calendar is the F.I.S.M. Convention in Brussels and I am hoping very much that I will be able to make it. I plan to send my subscription, which makes subscriptions to all other conventions look silly. (I suppose if you spend all that money getting there and staying in hotels, what is another £50 or §5100?) One thing you can say about the F.I.S.M. Convention is that you do see acts and meet people from all over the world, many of whom you have only heard about, and as years go by it seems to attract more and more big names in magic.

So what else is new? Not a lot at the moment. I've been so busy recently I haven't had much time to keep up with things magical, apart from what I laughingly call 'my act'.

'My act' — how many times have I heard someone use that phrase? It takes me back to my early days when I used to attend the magic clubs religiously every week, probably because I had nothing better to do, hoping that somehow, somewhere I was going to learn something which could be added to 'my act' and enable me to jump straight on to the stage of the London Palladium in one leap. And do you know something? I used to believe that such things were possible. I believed all those stories originated by Hollywood publicity teams which lead you to believe that Metro, Goldwyn or Meyer (who the hell was Metro) could actually see a beautiful girl in the street, put her in a big budget film and make her a star overnight. I believed it, and if you are honest you probably did too. Come to think of it, why didn't they put out stories like that about handsome young men?

To get back to our tiny segment of the performing arts, do you still think that you are

going to find that indefinable 'something' which is going to lift your act into the upper echelons of showbiz? If you are a beginner you probably still have your dreams, if you have been around a few years and still believe you are going to make it big with 'your act' my advice is to forget it. Magic acts are specialities and as such they are supporting acts — not headliners. It seems that today the only way a magician can become a headliner is for him to build a gigantic show and take a chance on finding enough places to work, or to do it through TV. And to do it through TV requires something more than the ability to do the cut and restored umbilical cord.

Just for the hell of it I am going to list below the effects I performed in 'my act' many years ago when I first started performing for money.

Glass of wine production from handkerchief. Thimble routine. Rising cards A rigid rope trick.

Card manipulations and productions. Cards to pocket.

Looking at the above list in retrospect I cannot think of anything I could have added which would have lifted it from the gutter onto the pavement let alone onto a professional platform.

In recent years 'my act' hasn't changed much; a little bit here, a little bit there, but I do make a living which should be the object of the exercise. For the speciality act, survival in luxury should be the aim rather than starvation. At present I am just a survivor, but you never can tell.


Patrick Page

' neertect is startling and oh-soditterem.

' neertect is startling and oh-soditterem.

and matches may all be examined. No threads, magnets, rough and smooth etc...eic...

A new and different gimmick you can use in a million different ways We could easily put a £10.00 price tag on this one shattering effect alone — the effecTTs certainly worth it. (In fact you couldn't make the gimmick yourself for £10). We don't, however, put high prices on apparatus just because the effect is so strong. Gimmick comes with routines, instrgctions and ideas using matches, cigarettes, coins, etc. The uses are limited only by your own ingenuity. Makes a fabulous bar trick, or adapt for Uri Geller type 'Cod Spiritulism'. Money back guarantee if you don't think the effect is worth double.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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