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In the September 1975 issue Vol.2, No.l of this magazine Fred Robinson contributed a gem of a trick. If you have not been using it, that is your bad luck. It is not difficult to do and certainly hits them between the eyes.

The trick was entitled Behavioural Bluff and can be found on page 156 of the issue mentioned. This method goes beyond the original one hence the title.


Five cards are removed from a shuffled pack and placed in a row on the table. Four of these are eliminated either by one person or four spectators each eliminating one card. There is no force. A previously introduced card with a contrasting back is turned face up and matches the one left after the elimination process. The other four are then shown to be the Aces.


Put five cards of the same value on top of the pack — say the Five of Spades, and the four Aces on the bottom. The Five of Spades from a pack with a different back is placed in the outer top coat pocket with its back outwards.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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