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Offerings from Busby-Corin, Inc. 1351 Francisco Blvd, San Francisco, Calif.94123 include Shigeo Takagi's NEW ONE CUP ROUTINE priced at 50 dollars and only available from them. To this five dollars to cover parcel post should be added by U.S.A. customers and seven dollars fifty for Sea Parcel Post to places outside the U.S.A.

To be fair to purchasers of the original routine it was decided not to reveal the further effects possible with the new cup. This 'pig in a poke' situation makes it difficult to convey to readers whether or not it would be a worthwhile purchase.

For those who bought the original and found it a worthwhile purchase will welcome the extra climaxes made possible with the new cup. Without giving the game away — some idea of the impact one should expect it to have on the spectators is to equate it with the Chop Cup which is best performed standing. The new Takagi routine, which is performed seated, should provide three distinct points towards the close of the routine which the performer should receive applause. The climax to the original routine was the production of a large ball and the cup? shown to be a solid block of wood having no interior. To this a further climax has been added by Tagaki and this is topped by c. * additional one by Jeff Busby. Those not acquainted with the effect may like to know that the routine commences with various transpositions and penetrations with a small ball.

The apparatus consists of two small and two large brightly multi-coloured crocheted balls, the cup and wand, both the latter being lathe-turned quality props which will give pleasure to those who demand the best in their properties.

The instructions consist of two separate booklets and two sets of illustrations containing over forty line drawings.

The second offering by this company is the LARRY JENNINGS CARD IN ENVELOPE WALLET. The basic idea comes from Paul le Paul who was undoubtedly responsible for the effect becoming one of the classics. The method of getting a signed card or cards into an envelope which is within the zippered section of a wallet is general knowledge, but it was Larry Jennings who designed an improved style of wallet which enabled the envelope to be shown inside the wallet, and also eliminated the suspicious fumbling associated with this trick when removing the envelope. This wallet is fully explained with an accompanying diagram in Alton's Sharpe's 'Expert Card Mysteries'.

Purchasers of this wallet are therefore not buying a secret, but making an investment. Professional workers who insist in using only properties of the highest quality which do the work required in the most efficient manner possible, and those who are thinking of adding this effect to their repertoire this wallet leaves nothing to be desired. It is recommended without reservation.

Included with the wallet are comprehensive instructions which include tips, historical information, routines and methods of other magicians etc. This booklet can be purchased separately for five dollars and is well worth the modest outlay.

Two different models are available. One in soft calfskin with a choice of colours — black, dark brown or grey at 65 dollars, and the other in genuine Monitor Lizard skin lined in leather. This model is available in two styles of black — either large or small grained polished skin, and also in brown skin with black accentuated markings at 100 dollars. An extra 6 dollars is required on foreign orders for shipment via Air

Parcel Post. Insurance is advised for foreign orders where the country accepts insured mail and is an extra 1 dollar 50c. Money refunded less package and postage free if dissatisfied and wallet is returned safely.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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