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A TRANSLANTIC LECTURE - available from the author, Phil Goldstein, c/o of the Magic Castle, 7001 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028, U.S.A. Price 3 Dollars or from Supreme Magic, Bideford, Devon price £1.

The notes describe eight effects used by the author in his lecture at the I.B.M. Convention.

Three of these items first appeared in 'Notions' already reviewed in this magazine i.e. IN CASE OF ESP, POP-OFF, and MAYBE. The latter now includes an additional kicker devised by Sid Lorraine.

FLUSHING is a trick with five cards, blank on both sides, end up with normal backs and on the faces appears a royal flush.

ANOTHER BIRTHDAY is an adaptation of the Birthday Card trick in which a jumbo card appears inside a birthday card which matches one freely arrived at in a normal sized pack. This effect does not appear in the U.S. edition.

CALCULATED THEFT introduces a calculator. A thought-of card, one of four, disappears after some funny business punching various buttons on the instruments.

A large chart bearing large signs of the zodiac is handed, to a volunteer spectator. The performer divines which of the signs the spectator has in his mind. Entitled ZODIACTION.

In SIDEWINDER four blue-backed kings change their back colour to red, and when turned faces upwards are seen to be four aces.

Finally, a brief but adequate description of the Elmsley, Hamman and Jordan counts which are used to produce some of the effects.

All workable tricks and very effective as those who saw the lecture would agree.

Fred Robinson

All workable tricks and very effective as those who saw the lecture would agree.

Fred Robinson

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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