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The Zarrow or Vernon Triumph shuffle can be used in this routine for the false shuffles and are quite in keeping with the gambling theme.

In stage 7, the tabled Mario/Curry change could be used in place of the in the air change given, however, I have found the latter to be more appropriate in the context of this particular routine.

For good work on the original Curry change, see Lorrayne's Close-Up Card Magic, chapter five.

In Las Vegas Close-Up, Paul Harris suggests the use of a Curry change for the split. He has another interesting handling called Lickerty Split, which is an adaptation of Anneman's

Jinx Change. This, he says, is the preferred usage for the second split in his own routine. In any case, a study of all his split ideas would be amply rewarding for anyone seeking to adapt the present routine for his own use.

The routine is quite strong enough without the colour change second climax. This is more suitable for the set show and is best omitted in commercial situations. When using the pack switch, do not oversell the idea that you are using a blue backed pack. Just let them keep seeing the blue cards throughout the routine. The actual exchange of packs should be executed calmly and without haste. Look directly at the audience as you make the exchange, do not peep into your lap. Your leif; hand must know exactly where the deck lies i the lap.

An additional kicker can be added if * desired, by having the backs or faces of the four Black Jack hands change at the end. This can done by having the switch packet on the right thigh. Use Gene Maze's Unit Grip Switch. This can be found in Appocalyse Vol.4 page 45. Alternatively use Mario's Kick or Switch from Kabbala VoLl No.9 page 67.

The routine takes about two minutes to perform.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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