Additional Notes

This method is only suitable for filterless cigarettes. The idea of putting a fragment of tobacco and paper in the centre, to make the cigarette look torn, can be used with other methods.

Tommy Wonder likes to spring the effect on people, completely unannounced. He comments that there appears to be something wrong with the tobacco of his cigarette. Then, he breaks it, as though to examine the contents. When he is satisfied that there is nothing wrong, he magically restores it and carries on smoking. On other occasions, he will say that it still does not seem right, and vanish it, using a cigarette pull.

The final note, I will leave in Tommy's own words. "When one practises this trick, it is very easy to get discouraged, especially because it costs you many cigarettes. My advice is to buy 30 to 40 packets of cigarettes, of a very cheap brand. If you are a smoker, buy a brand that you dislike. With such a large investment in cigarettes you have no use for, you will have a strong incentive to keep practising.

Each cigarette can be used twice in practising, so after some 40 packets (800 tries) you will probably have mastered the trick."

Quote of the month (cribbed from S.H. Sharpe in "The Linking Ring")

"Sometimes I think that the most successful conjurers are the men, who have given as much thought and labour to the study of human nature, as they have to the study of magic." David Devant in The Strand Magazine, Feb. 1921. 1022

May, 1982

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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