Take the bag by the top from the clip with the right hand. Hold the bottom of the bag with the left hand and tip the bag into the right allowing the four silver coins to fall into the right hand where they are finger-palmed. The first finger and thumb ease the ring off the bag allowing the coins inside to fall onto the table.

The left hand places the bag into the left pocket and the right, which must remain relaxed, places the coins in two rows about eighteen inches apart, the copper on the left and the silver more central than to the right. (2)

With the first finger and thumb pick up the four copper with your right hand one at a time. First the nearest, laying it on the next, then pick up these two and place them on the third, then these on the last picking up all four.

The four coins are now apparently thrown into the left hand. Actually they are thumb-palmed in the right hand and it is the four silver which are allowed to fall from the finger-palm into the left hand.

During the throwing action and as the right hand moves backwards the right thumb releases its hold on the coins and the index finger curls inwards. (3) As the backwards movement ends and the forward action of the throw towards the left hand begins, the momentum will make the copper coins fall automatically into the grip of the thumb-palm position.

At the end of the throw the right hand fingers must be kept open to shield the silver coins until the left hand closes over them. The right hand then swings towards the body from the elbow and rests on the table with the fingers in a straightened relaxed position (4). Say "Four copper". Pause and say, "No you weren't watching close enough. There are four silver in my left hand". Slam down the coins dragging them in as straight a line as you can towards you. Do not show your left hand empty but let it be seen there is nothing palmed by keeping the hand relaxed with thumb upwards.

Now slam down the copper coins that are in your right hand taking care not to dislodge the four silver that are held in the thumb-palm. Again do the dragging action with your right hand towards your body leaving the coins in a straightish line.

After a very slight pause say, "I'll do that again, watch", pick up the copper coins again as before, do the same thumb-palm switch a second time, throwing the silver into the left

hand again. Then reach across and pick up the silver coins that are on the table, repeat the throwing motion and switch the positons of the coins ready to show the exchange.

Say, "Remember four copper" raise your left fist, "And four silver" raise your right fist, shake your head and say "No the four copper are now in my right" with this, slam down the copper coins, again watch that you do not strike too hard and dislodge the thumb-palmed coins. Again drag them towards you in a straightish line and swing your right arm from the elbow towards the body to rest in a position so that the thumb-palmed coins can be dropped into the lap, as you say, "And the four silver are in my left" slamming these on the table let the thumb-palmed silver coins in your right fall simultaneously into the lap. Properly timed the sound of the coins falling into the lap will be drowned by noise of the other coins being slammed onto the table.

That concludes the silver-copper double transposition with both hands empty and the coins on the table. To clean up lean back naturally letting the hands fall onto the lap and pick up the lapped coins with the right hand, and lean forward again, picking up the coins with the right hand and place them in the inside pocket. The throw covering the switch should not be a large movement, just a little toss. If done naturally and casually the sleight will be unsuspected and undetectable.


Spectator gives Magician a small number. From a shuffled pack cards are dealt face down on to the table to the stated number. This selected card is set aside. Pack is shuffled and f^he above repeated on three occasions. The four '┬┐ards are turned face up and are shown as an odd collection of numbers. Performer states that this is the telephone number of the local nurses trevor lewis home and whether spectator agrees with him or not inquires "How do you know?" Performer verifies the truth of his statement by showing that the four cards are now four queens.


The effect depends on a four card switch and for this four Queens are face up at the bottom of the deck. Directly above the Queens is an indifferent card face up followed by another indifferent card face down.

Other switches may of course be used such as the Multiple Change described on page 263 of Harry Lorayne's Close Up Card Magic or some of the Mario switches.


With the pack set up as above ask spectator for a small number and deal off the cards to this number, place this card aside. Shuffle the top few cards as though setting them up in a certain order and repeat. Do this four times in all acting out the moves as though thinking out some complicated formula. The better the acting, the more will be the let down when the four cards are shown as most spectators will imagine that they will be the four aces. Let the spectator turn the four cards face up, this gives you the opportunity to cut the bottom six cards to the top. Hold a little finger break below these six cards and when the four cards that represent the telephone number are handed to you and placed on top of the pack, on the spoken line "How do you know?" perform a ten card turn over and slowly deal off the four queens face down. You then verify your statement by turning over the cards and showing the four queens. Showing the queen of spades you say "I think this one fancies you 'cause she's looking at you."

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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