Ace Of Hearts


Close up the fan, in the left hand. Turn the packet face down. Double lift and turn over the top card(s), revealing a double back. Take the double card(s) into the right hand, in the Biddle grip. Thumb the remaining cards, still face down, on top of it (them). These cards are retained in place by the right first finger, as in Fig. 2.

You are now set for the Hamman "Flushstration" count. This should by now be known to most readers. The packet is in the Biddle grip. The top five cards are face down. The bottom card is face up. Rotate the hand, palm upwards, from the wrist. This shows the back of the bottom card. Turn the hand palm down again and, with the left thumb, draw away the top card. Rotate the right hand once more. This again shows the bottom card. Turn the hand palm down and draw off the top card. Repeat this action, until only two cards, held as one, remain in the right hand. Place these on the bottom of the packet, in the left. Put the cards away. Bill now picks up the pack proper and goes into his all backs routine.

Ed. Note

None of the counts used in this routine are new. They should be standard knowledge to most readers. If not, Geoff Maltby will no doubt be able to supply ^ou with Jerry Mentzer's book of counts etc.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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