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I have been doing a trick lately, one of Phil Goldstein's in which five different coins are laid out in a row on the table. A spectator is invited to push one forward out of the line and the outcome is that this one is engraved on the back with the words "THIS ONE". This brings the request 'do it again', which is rather a problem.

After some thought I evolved a follow up which fills the bill. Have five duplicates of your engraved coin (in my case 2p piece) which match in respect of their wear and tear and readily accessible, say in the left coat pocket. With the engraved coin resting on your open right palm the left hand goes to the coat pocket and brings out the five coins, four of which are counted singly onto the right hand to join the engraved one. The spectators are unaware of the one which you retain in the left hand.

After displaying them for a moment apparently toss all five back into the left hand but actually retain the engraved one in the right hand. This is the shuttle move which most of you will know.

The right hand with engraved coin concealed removes the five coins one at a time from the left hand and places them onto the table. There is some scope for misdirection as you pretend to make sure that you do not accidently expose the engraving on one of the coins — remember by tossing the coins from hand to hand you cannot be sure which it is — so the spectators think.

A spectator is invited to mix the coins by shuffling them around and then to form them into a line. You then ask him to push one of them towards you which you pick up with the right hand and look? for the engraving. Look directly at the spectator and as you say "Why did you decide to choose this one?" switch the chosen one for the engraved one when they look at you to reply. Show the engraving, or better still hand them the coin. The switch I use is the one taught by David Roth in his lecture at the Ramsay Reunion, though no doubt you will use your own personal favourite method.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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