Gag From Crombo

For many years Jock Crombie has been pulling this particular stunt. With cigarette at the ready his lighter refuses to work. After a few unsuccessful attempts someone is sure to offer him a light accompanied by a remark usually of an uncomplimentary nature regarding his choice of lighter. The kind offer is refused and Jock pulls a match from that part of the lighter which is normally occupied by the wick and strikes it on the bottom of the lighter remarking "My lighter never fails." He has of course some of the striking surface from a matchbox stuck on the base of his lighter.

It occurred to us that it would be possible to end the gag magically, by having a matchbox concealed in the left hand as in diagram and after lighting up let the lighter drop into the box which has been suitably faked by removing one etnd of the drawer. On taking the box with the right hand pass some remark which calls attention to the change, before putting into your pocket.

It would of course be possible to construct some ingenious lighter which changes automatically into a matchbox and no doubt quite a lot of fun could be had in making such a prop which would be the envy of your magical friends. Whether or not the effect would be improved is a matter for some doubt. There is sufficient historical evidence of similar 'improvements' to suggest that it would not.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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