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Every time I think of Fred Robinson I always think of two other magicians, T. Nelson Downs and Bert Douglas. I never saw T. Nelson Downs but I did meet Bert Douglas once when he was in Britain on a holiday from Canada.

Downs was an American. Douglas was a Scotsman from Aberdeen who emigrated to Canada after the first world war. Fred Robinson is as English as they come, but all three of them had three things in common. Firstly, all three of them worked for railway companies. Downs, I believe I read somewhere, was as a young man a telegraphist with a railway company in Iowa. Bert Douglas was for many years a guard on a train travelling back and forth across Canada. Fred Robinson was a railway signalman for something like forty-five years.

The second thing they have in common was a passionate love for, and interest in, things magical. Downs, as we know, became an internationally acclaimed performer. Douglas, for quite a number of years, was a prolific writer on things magical and Fred became editor of Pabular.

The third thing they apparently had in common with regard to their railway work, was time. All three of them had occupations which involved long periods of inactivity which enabled them to devote their thoughts to you know what.

Downs spent his time practising his coin sleights, Bert Douglas told me he spent many happy hours sitting in his little caboose at the tail-end of a trans-continental train scribbling away at his many books trying to invent some original ideas for brother magicians, many of which were very successful.

Fred's passionate interest was cards. He was, and still is, a devotee of Erdnase. 'Expert at the Card Table' was his bible. I don't know who invented the riffle pass but I do know he was in there way back with his version, and he is still the only person that this writer has seen who can do it, if I may steal a modern phrase, full frontal, invisibly. His second, centre and bottom deal are as good as any I have seen. Fred himself would be the first to admit that the ability to do a few sleights well doesn't make one an authority on card magic. Fred does have a pretty wide knowledge of that subject and is quite willing to share it with anyone who shows more than just a passing interest. He also has a very attractive daughter, Annabel, who has a magic act, a very good one too. Did I mention that for many years Fred also did kid shows? I didn't? He did. Which brings me to one of my favourite kid show stories.

Fred and Annabel were booked to perform their respective acts at a kids' party at a social club. After the show, or rather right at the end of the show, the club secretary mounted the platform to thank them for the entertainment. He brought them back on stage to receive an extra round of well-earned applause which led into 'Three cheers for Uncle Fred and Annabel'. Can you picture the scene? All the kids screaming their hip-hip hoorays with the exception of one little boy in the front row who was standing up with both hands around his mouth yelling 'Fraud! Fraud it's a trick!'

The kid couldn't have been more wrong. There is no fraud about Fred. He is one of the most straightforward men I know. In case you are wondering what this is all about it is the fact that Fred has relinquished his position as Editor of Pabular. He has been with us since the beginning. Thank you Fred. And in the same breath may I say 'Welcome' to Walt Lees.



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xViART !>' B REESE and Anne Barclav at J i

Richmond Wav, Kammersmi'.h. Telephone - 01 o0 3 o57ij.

xViART !>' B REESE and Anne Barclav at J i

Richmond Wav, Kammersmi'.h. Telephone - 01 o0 3 o57ij.

This Delightful new Close up effect is from the fertile magical brain of Eric Mason

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Fundamentals of Magick

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