Overcoming Your Fear of Flying

Your Secretly Shamed Affection Needs

Think of it like this each time that you pull the shame up it's like you're using mental sandpaper to scratch away another layer of it. With repeated actions, the veneer of shame becomes thinner and less powerful in its hold over you. You will be able to fatigue these emotions so completely by doing this over and over again that one day you'll find you can go right through the whole routine and actually ask her out for a real date without hardly feeling any nervousness or humiliation at all I know that it seems impossible to conceive right now as you're reading this but the technique of desensitization works wonders and is used regularly by psychotherapists to cure people of some very serious phobias like a pathological fear of flying, open spaces, crossing tall bridges, etc. By slowly edging closer and closer to the stressful stimuli and teasing the fear a little bit at a time, it gradually loses its grip on you. The fear simply gives up and goes away too tired to torment you any...

My maddening failure was that I always ended up being friends instead of lovers

Sheesh What a pain in the ass this seduction stuff is Once we get over our fear of attempting it, now we've got to actually demonstrate some skill and knowledge to close the sale and maneuver her into a sexual relationship I guess it's really no different than learning to fly an airplane or something - once we get over our fear of flying so that we can climb into the cockpit, now we've got to actually learn what the hell all those switches and controls do Becoming a pilot requires a certain degree courage to even attempt at first, and then the proper training and acquisition of actual skills to complete the job afterwards. Welcome to flight school 101.