The Come On

"So Tommy, are you enjoying the show? Great! You won't repeat the bad words I've been saying for the last hour will you? Of course not. Hev, how would you like a magical gift that you can take home with you? Terrific. Go get a ten-dollar bill from your Mom or Dad. Til wait here "

While he goes, I finger-palm a one-dollar bill in my right hand. This bill has been pre-folded into Bob Neale's Bunny Bill, i hold out.

"Okay, cool. Do you know about origami? It's a great hobby and lots of fun. It's really just advanced paper-folding. You know, like making a paper airplane? Except that you can make all kinds of things, like birds, frogs, people, just about anything."

While this is being said, I meticulously fold the ten-dollar bill into a small packet and work

it into a left-hand finger-palm. At the same time, the Bunny Bill (the one-dollar bill) is brought into view. I cock back the bunny and hold it set in my right fingers. My left hand casually pockets the ten-dollar bill as I say:

"This is one of the coolest of them all, because it's an action toy. See? It's a magician's hat. And out jumps a bunny!" (The kids love it, and everyone wants to try it.)

The Blow-off

"Now Tommy, listen to me. You get to keep that. But don't unfold it until you are sure you are finished with it as a toy. If you unfold it even a little bit, 1 guarantee you won't be able to get it back together."

I rationalize this by telling myself that life really is a bitch. It's a good lesson to learn early.

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