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If you can estimate the approximate location of a target card, remove any Three from the deck. Dribble the deck onto the table and toss the Three (or have it tossed) face up into the falling cards. Time it like a dribble force, so that the Three goes in as near the target card as you can manage. There's no break; just estimate. Flip the deck face up and ribbon spread it. With a minimum of practice, the Three will always lie reversed somewhere within a four-card range, on either side of the target card. That card can now be counted to very directly from the reversed Three (count three, push the next one out; or count and push out the third; start the count with the reversed card, etc.), or it will lie right next to the tossed-in Three. This venerable idea, used by Charlie Miller, Harry Riser and others, is very useful in equivocal card magic.

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