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I have tried to make these effects different by the incorporation of new techniques designed to disguise or seemingly eliminate the possibility of the end result having been accomplished by means of a stacked deck.

A couple of ideas that I had many years ago concerning the handling of a stacked deck are taught here. I have never seen these ideas in print or utilized anywhere or by anyone else prior to this work.

There are no false counts, false deals, multiple lifts, passes, shifts or palming required for the effects described herein.

Although the author can execute these sleights (at least some of them) they are beyond the scope of this work. If the reader is searching for new sleights or effects that require sleight-of-hand then I recommend that you look elsewhere. This is a collection of effects that are practically self-working. Of course the use of a well timed and well performed false shuffle and/or cut can only enhance the performance. However they are not absolutely necessary to the outcome of the effect. So much has been written about false shuffles and false cuts that the reader should seek out the instructions in other works if he desires to learn those techniques.

A new technique that I call the "False-False-Shuffle" (FFS) will be taught separately because it is required in some of the effects.

Most of the effects included here are the author's original, at least as to handling and presentation. It would be very difficult to invent an effect that is completely new in concept, working, and presentation. The idea of having a pre-arrangement is very old in card magic and because of that alone, all of the effects presented here are disqualified from being truly original. However, the handling, patter and the arrangement of the cards in particular is, in all cases, my own. Credit for any ideas will be given where known. Apologies for any erroneous credits or lack of credits is offered at this time.

With two notable exceptions, the effects gathered here are of the "Gambling Demo" or "Poker Deal" type. I enjoy performing these types of effects and I find that they lend themselves quite well to entertaining stories, themes, and patter.

Finally I would like to thank four people in particular:

Terry LaGerould, a professional close-up magician and my longtime friend with whom I have spent many a pleasant hour talking and inventing card magic.

Joe Abraham, my friend from Akron, Ohio, who was instrumental in rekindling my love for magic after I had been away for several years.

Lee Asher, an "up and coming" (now established) young card technician who is constantly amazing me with his new moves and ideas. I am flattered that he uses me when he wants to try out some "new stuff"!

A special thank-you to Keith "Kip" Pascal for his design and layout of Stack Attack. THANKS GUYS! L. R. Brooks Las Vegas, NV

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