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If you perform this as a follow-up to BUGHOUSE POKER you will have to make a few minor changes:

1) Have your set-up of 10, 7 , 10, 14 immediately following the Bughouse Poker stack. This is immediately following the 10S.

2) At the point in Bughouse Poker where you are dealing two piles singly onto the table you must stop after each pile has EXACTLY two cards.

Your patter there is about "saving some time" so you begin to deal cards in small groups onto the two piles. You must now take the now top 4 cards as a group (this is your Blackjack set-up cards) and deal them onto the left most of the two packets (position "B").

You may distribute the remaining cards between the two piles in small groups in any manner that you wish.

3) When you begin to perform the "unusual" shuffling procedure of each of the two small piles you must not disturb the relative location of the 4 BJ cards. They are now at positions #3,4,5,6 up from the bottom of the pile at "B."

Begin to shuffle as instructed in BHP but see to it that you do not disturb these 4 cards.

Just arrange to slip the next-to-the-bottom card (AS) to the top as required for BHP. Your set-up for BHBJ will now be just above the bottom card (KS) of this left-hand packet.

4) Perform the ending of BHP and you will find the 4 BHBJ cards still in their proper order and immediately underneath the face-up KS. At the end of the effect you will need to "clean-up" the display on the table.

All of the Royal Flush cards are reversed in relation to the rest of the deck. There are also a couple of cards, one each beneath the 10S and the AS packets, that also need to be turned over to face the same way as the rest of the deck.

This can all be done while you begin your "lead-in" to the follow-up - BJ effect. I would recommend that you straighten out the KS packet last.

This allows you to casually arrange to get the BJ set-up to the top (or near to it if you want to do a FFS).

The audience doesn't know what's going to happen next so you casually prepare for your next part of the routine. Your patter lead-in might be...

"As I was preparing to leave, one of the inmates came over to me and said. I see that you're good at Poker... but how are you at Blackjack?"

"I told him that I really didn't play very much. He said, Come on, let's play one hand for a Dollar."

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