Emotion Neutralizers Techniques to Deal with Emotions

The mnemonic signifies Agree, Apologize Act Appreciate. When someone lashes out and complains, agree with him that there is a problem. Say, It's alright to feel that way I would, in the same position. or, I agree That's a big problem, and you don't deserve to suffer it. By agreeing, you dispel further resistance.

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Her pure, rosy lips were half smiling her candid, serene forehead was clouded now and then by her thoughts, like a mirror which is momentarily breathed upon and from her long, lowered eyelashes emanated a kind of ineffable light which gave her profile that ideal sweetness which Raphael was later to find at the mystic point of intersection of virginity maternity and divinity

The Art of Flirting Whats Your Body Saying

When it comes to flirting what isn't said can often be much more important than what is. Before eyelash-batting Romeos and Juliets even open their mouths, body language has already sent a stream of signals to that certain someone across the bar. This nonverbal communication relays everything from let's meet up later to back off, loser

Kinesthetics aka kino have kino with your female friendsacquaintances

Do the things that lovers do - brush off something that's stuck in her hair, gently stroke her cheek pretending to wipe off an eyelash etc. These are the types of things lovers do and by doing them, you will make her feel (doesn't even matter if only subconsciously) like you were her lover. Plus you'll get innocent yet pleasurable kino )


E-Commentary Today on NBC's Today Show Matt Lauer talked about how Madonna had lied to him about her announced pregnancy just the other day. He showed the video and her response, but he missed something to ponder about. She did what I call the eyelash flutter (different, under high speed camera, from the eye-blink we can see that it does not close completely and the speed is amazing) when asked, 'Are you pregnant ' I first observed this eyelid behavior in 1985, and find that people who are troubled by a question or an event do this, especially if they have to answer and are about to lie. I tell attorneys to look for the eyelash flutter when they have people on the stand it means they really do not like the question at all. I even had a case where the individual picked out the route of escape for me when I went through several routes with him I just waited for the flutter to pick out the way. --Joe Navarro, Special Agent, FBI (3 21 00 7 02 26 PM Pacific Standard Time, and subsequent)

Seal Coating

One final performance note I have found that the eyes are extremely important in the success of this effect. Highlight your eyes for maximum impact. I normally use a very thin line of black eyeliner on the lower eyelid and a light touch of mascara on the upper eyelashes to subtly and imperceptibly intensify the eyes. Don't overdo it as it will look silly. If done correctly it should not be obviously noticeable. Also, when making revelations, frown slightly as if were a huge strain and effort. This makes it all the more believable and makes a huge difference to the performance.