This is a very cool idea. Metal bending is, by its very nature, a very visual form of mentalism. This effect can, and will strengthen your existing metal bending effects by association. Most metal bending effects are explained by the performer as heat induced. This effect proves it.

Effect: After bending keys, coins, cutlery, and various other objects, the mental marvel explains that the metal actually becomes almost molten during the demonstrations, and offers to show the spectators this phenomenon.

The performer picks up a spoon, and begins to slowly, gently massage it, just below the bowl. Soon, the spoon becomes red hot, and glows hellishly. It then begins to melt, the bowl drooping down! The magician causes the heat to cease, and drops the spoon on the table, frozen in its now mangled form, for all to examine.

Method: This is exceptionally simple, as it is really just performance. To do this effect, you will need our old friend, the D'Lite. The D'Lite resides quietly in your left pants pocket. Make sure there is a spoon on the table.

At some point during your performance, or during your patter about psychokinesis, and metal bending, put your hands in your pockets, and slip the D'Lite onto your left thumb. Remove your hands from your pockets, and pick up the spoon with your right hand, with the bowl nearest your thumb.

As you discuss your innate abilities, gesture slightly with your left hand, casually displaying its emptiness. At the same time, your right hand puts in 'the work'. With the right thumb 'inside' the bowl of the spoon, the handle of the spoon butts against the base of the pinkie finger, and your hand is in a loose fist. By pressing forward slightly with the right thumb, the spoon will bend against the knuckle of the first finger.

Transfer the spoon into the left hand, and offer to demonstrate your uncanny skill. The bowl of the spoon is just above your first finger, while the handle is hidden behind your left fingers, which remain close together.

Massage the 'neck' of the spoon, just below the bowl with your first finger and thumb, which has the D'Lite on it. After a few moments of this rubbing, trigger the D'Lite. If you keep your left fingers close together, a faint red glow will emanate from behind them, which the audience assumes to be the spoon heating up.

After the spoon has 'heated up', loosen your grip on the spoon slightly. This will cause gravity to pull the bowl of the spoon downward, in front of your fingers. It really looks like the spoon gets red hot, and melts! Try it for yourself to see how weird this looks.

After the spoon has drooped downward, release pressure on the D'Lite, allowing the glow to cease, and drop the spoon onto the table, and slowly show your hands to be 'empty'. Allow the spectator to pick up the spoon and inspect it. The illusion created is that the heat from your fingertips ceased, and the spoon froze in its new shape. You can now ditch the D'Lite in your pocket at your leisure; the spectator will no doubt be examining the spoon.

As you probably guessed, you can use the red hot idea with any bend you like, I just happen to prefer the bend described for this particular effect. You can also use the bend described independently of the red-hot idea, it is a very strong bend, not to be overlooked. In any event, try this effect; you will impress yourself with the illusion!

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