Turn Over Card

Effect: A chosen card reverses itself in the pack.

Secret: Spread the cards face down and ask a spectator to take any card. While he is showing the card to the rest of the audience, secretly reverse the bottom card then turn the whole pack over in your hands. Walk towards the spectator and ask him to replace his card in the pack face down. As you walk back to your table, turn the reversed card face up and turn over the whole pack again. All the cards are now face down with the exception of one card - the one the spectator chose.

Effect: A pencil adheres to one hand and then to the other.

Secret: The secret is a small pin pushed into the pencil. Hold the pin between the fingers of your right hand. The pencil seems to stick to the fingers. Bring your left hand to the pencil. Turn to the left and revolve the pencil between your hands. This causes the pin to move from your right fingers to your left fingers. Remove your right hand and the pencil is now apparently stuck to the left fingers. By reversing this movement, you can move the pencil back to the right hand.

Effect: Three coins are placed in your hand. When you open your hand again the number of coins has increased to five.

Secret: Before your performance secretly stick two coins to the underside of your table with Plasticine. Place three coins on the table. Let everyone see that your hands are empty. With your right hand, scoop the coins from the table into your left hand. At the same time, the left fingers reach under the table and take the two hidden coins. Open your left hand and the coins have magically multiplied.

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