Match Restoration

Effect: A matchstick is broken in half then magically made whole.

Secret: You need a handkerchief with a matchstick hidden in its hem. A match is taken from a matchbox and wrapped in the handkerchief. Ask a spectator to break the match through the material but make sure it is the one hidden in the hem that he breaks. Shake out the handkerchief and the match just removed from the box falls out. Casually put the handkerchief (with the broken match concealed in the hem) back into your pocket. It appears that the match was restored by magic.

Effect: You make a finger ring vanish.

Secret: The ring is tied to a long piece of elastic which runs up your sleeve to a safety pin attached to the top of the sleeve.The elastic should be long enough to allow you to put the ring on your finger. Take the ring off and pretend to show it in the air. When you let go, the elastic carries the ring up your sleeve. You could, if you wish, find the ring (a duplicate) in a sealed box that has been on your table since the start of the trick.

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