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Effect: You instantly identify a selected card.

Secret: Place all the black cards on top of the red cards and you are ready. Spread the cards face down and ask someone to take any card. Make sure he takes one from the top (black) half of the pack. He then replaces it anywhere in the pack but you make sure he replaces it somewhere in the bottom (red) half of the pack. Look through the cards and somewhere in the red cards will be one black card. That is the chosen card. Remove it and show it to everyone.

Effect: Two tumblers are suspended from a newspaper balanced on a magic wand.

Secret: Bend a paper clip around your magic wand to form a U shape. Tape the wire to a newspaper.

The newspaper is shown and then folded into a long flat tube. The secret wire should be on the side of the newspaper nearest to you. Place the newspaper across two tumblers, making sure that each prong of the wire goes into the tumblers. Place your wand between the tumblers and lift it towards the newspapers.

The newspaper will be lifted - but so will the tumblers.

Effect: You reveal a thought-of name.

Secret: Cut a slot in the top of a box with a removable lid and tape a small box on the inside. Write the same name on 10 slips of paper. Put them in the box and replace the lid. Hand out 10 blank slips and ask spectators to write a name on their slip. The slips are put in the box through the slit. They actually go into the hidden box. Remove the lid for just one slip to be chosen. As all the slips are the same it is easy to reveal the

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