Aces Discovery

Effect: You hold a shuffled pack behind your back and locate the four Aces

Secret: Secretly remove the Aces from the pack. Push them into a paper clip which is pinned to the inside of your coat at the rear. When you want to show the trick, hand the pack to someone to be shuffled. When the cards are returned to you, hold them behind your back and say you are about to attempt the impossible. Secretly remove the Aces from the hidden clip and bring them forward one at a time as if you have searched through the pack for them.

Effect: You stick pins into an inflated balloon - but, thanks to your magical powers, the balloon does not burst. Secret: The balloon has on it several pieces of clear adhesive tape. These will not be visible from even a short distance away. Push a pin into the balloon at one of the taped areas and the balloon will not burst (although it will go down after a while). You can push the pin into several different places to prove your magical ability. When you want the balloon to burst simply push the pin into an area that is not protected by tape.

Effect: A matchbox is banged on a spinning coin to stop it. When the matchbox is lifted the coin has vanished.

Secret: Spin a small coin on the table top. Hold the matchbox, which must be empty, so that the drawer is open side down. Bang the matchbox sharply on top of the coin. Ask a spectator if he thinks the head or tails side of the coin is uppermost. Lift the box and the coin has disappeared. Because you banged the matchbox down so hard the coin penetrated the cover and is now inside the box.

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